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"Usually, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. I find that many DC's join these companies simply out of fear of failure. What I don't like, is the manipulation that sometimes occurs with desperate chiropractors and the ""sharks"" that take advantage of them.
If you join a consulting group, make sure they have plenty of value to provide to you rather than just empty promises. Personally, I feel than many are overpriced and are just out to make a buck and could care less about the average chiropractor. I say this because some chiropractic practice consulting groups are using marketing tactics and strategies that died in the 1970's. The world changes periodically, not to mention the people in it, so it's important to find a company that's adaptable to the new ways of marketing and doing business in today's high-tech age.

Do an intense evaluation from inside out with your chiropractic practice, finding those areas that you need help with. Even in this sagging economy, many DC's are doing very well. I typically find that the marketing and new patient acquisition aspects of most practices is what chiropractors want to substantially ramp-up. If you need new patients, you should first seek out forms of marketing and advertising that are free. Believe it or not, the best advertising is free in today's time. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. For example, did you know you can use YouTube and create videos to bring patients into the office and dominate the competition and search engines? Did you know you could use Myspace or Facebook to connect with local people in your area and brand yourself and your office?

In times of economic uncertainty, more innovative and strategic methods like the ones mentioned above are needed to make your office recession-proof. However, there isn't a single chiropractic consultant that teaches these tactics, though. Reason being, most have not been adaptable and are still stuck in the past. A word of advice, if you encounter a chiropractic coaching firm that claims to know it all and does not have to learn more, stay away!

Here are a few tips to consider when choosing a practice management company. Make sure they have real-life testimonials from previous clients. Secondly, see if they specialize in what you are looking for. You don't want a ""jack of all trades, master of none"" chiropractic coaching group. If you want to market your practice via the internet, don't choose someone that focuses on screenings are dinner-talks. Lastly, make sure they are adaptable and staying abreast of new trends in the internet and the world. Not only that, be clear that they have an exact, proven strategy to implement them within your practice.

To get you started on some free chiropractic marketing and advertising for your office, here are a few sites that you want to be on and continuously contribute content to:

Now, I could've mentioned about a hundred more, but begin with these ones first. These Web 2.0 sites are free to use and can bring you truckloads of new patients and other sources of income if you learn the basic and advanced strategies of how to harness them. I've noticed that about 95% of the chiropractic profession is still in the dark about how to use social media to blow the doors of their offices.

Just so it is understood, not all chiropractic coaching groups are frauds. There are a select few good ones that have proven themselves and have gained trust and credibility within the profession. Ask around to other colleagues to get honest opinions before you pick a firm. This is a big decision and has the potential to give your practice an incredible jump-start.

- Matthew J. Loop, DC"

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