Children's Breathing and Behavioral Sleep Problems

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A lot of things happen during spring break. But, when it is all over, most of us would get back into business. For some, that would mean going back to some sort of sleeping routine. The problem is, the majority tend to suffer from sleep problems. Good news is, some apps have been developed to serve as sleep aids.

An intelligent application, known as Sleep Cycle Alarm clock, has been developed to analyze your sleep and wake you up in your lightest sleep phase so you would wake up feeling well-rested and relaxed. It was developed with proven sleep science as well as years of development and research. With the help of your phone’s sensitive accelerometer, this intelligent alarm clock monitors your movement while you are asleep.

When you sleep, you undergo different sleep stages. These range from deep sleep to light sleep. The stage you’re in when your alarm clock goes off is important for how exhausted or tired you’ll feel whenever you wake up. Sleep cycle finds the best possible time for you to wake you up in a 20 minute window. This ends just right about the time you set the alarm. Users say they feel way better when they wake up in the morning with Sleep Cycle. Waking up is absolutely made easy with this amazing application for only $0.99.

For some individuals, going to bed with dead silence can be quite disturbing, stressful and even creepy. With this, Relax Melodies, another sleep aids app has been created to offer interesting yet relaxing choices to answer your sleep problems. The application’s free version already includes 9 natural soothing sounds: birds, lounge, music box, ocean, pan flute, piano, rain, river and wind. All the sounds are really great. To top it all off, this application gives you the freedom to mix the melodies and control the volume of specific sounds according to your liking.

Aside from the applications mentioned above, you can also alleviate sleep problems, stress and anxiety with the Relax & Sleep Well app. This can be one of your sleep aids options especially if you love to practice controlling your breathing and find your focus on some things. This app uses hypnosis recording with UK’s best selling and well-known self-help audio author Glenn Harrold. It will help you lessen your stress and anxiety levels and even help you sleep well as Glenn takes you to a 27-minute of a relaxing journey of deepest self-hypnosis. With the subtle background sounds that are supporting the author’s soothing voice, you can connect with a feeling of deep relaxation. This comes with a free hypnosis session. If you want the full package version, you can get it for only $7 with added recording features.

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