Chemicals Found in Tap Water

By: Christy Smith

Many of our water sources are still considered safe for drinking even though issues surrounding the large-scale contamination of water are ever present. In the recent report of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it says that many of the watersheds where the country gets its drinking water are considered safe. However, recent reports from an independent organization confirm that 24 out of 28 tested metropolitan areas have drugs and chemicals found in tap water. So what does this information have to do with us? What does this information tells about the quality of the running water or the filtered tap water that is supplied in our homes?

Chemicals found in Tap Water

Pesticides. Commercially produced fruits and vegetable are usually products of herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers. Understandably, large-scale production demands greater consumption of chemicals, which ensure greater crop or vegetable productivity. What most people dont know is that most of the chemicals used by farms are absorbed by the soil. The chemicals then reach deeper into the layers of oil until it reaches the bed where tap water could be drawn. According to statistics, 5% of the US population obtains drinking water from groundwater sources. Even the very farm that makes use of these chemicals is dependent of ground sources for their water supply, which therefore causes the effects of contamination spread into the farm animals as well as to the farm owners.

Nitrates. Nitrates are odorless and colorless compounds. Hence, it can easily slip into our drinking water without being detected. The disturbing thing about this compound is that too many of its forms are unhealthy and even toxic. Even the water that our community gets from water treatment plants cannot completely eliminate nitrates into the tap. Carbon water filters are no good for getting rid of nitrates. Boiling the water will only increase the concentration of nitrates in the water. To effectively get rid of this hazard, you may use reverse osmosis water treatment.

Pharmaceutical drugs. Prescriptions drugs are only good to people who need them. For healthy people, these drugs can cause adverse effects. These drugs are not completely absorbed by the body; it is then carried through the urine. With problematic septic tanks, the chemicals coming from the drugs can possibly reach deep into groundwater sources. Another source of drugs in drinking water is the pharmaceutical plants. Since these plants are essentially built near a body of water, this only means that they tend to throw their wastes into the waters and have them treated afterwards. Hence, these plants not only contaminate the water we drink but also the fish that we may serve for dinner.

Pollution. Pollution has always been the problem of all industrialized countries. Understandably, we are eventually subject to suffer from its consequences. Today, diseases can now easily spread because of the large-scale contamination of water.

It is important to make sure that our family is drinking safe and clean water. Water is essential to life and safeguarding its cleanliness and quality should be of utmost importance. When there are cost-effective solutions to effectively eliminating the contaminants as well as the chemicals found in tap water, there is no need to worry no more. One of the great tools that modern science have offered to solve this problem is the new home water purifying and filtering systems that uses reverse osmosis technology. Know more about the modern water purifying systems that you can use at home and be guilt-free whenever you drink water from tap.

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