Chemical Peels And Their Benefits

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Chemical peels are also known as chemexfoliation and in some parts, also termed as derma-peeling. This process is a unique technique to improve the texture and appearance of any type of skin, especially on the face. In these treatments, a chemical solution is applied on the outer parts causing it to "blister" and then peel off. The regenerated skin is smoother and devoid of wrinkles. The new layer of skin is extremely sensitive to the sun and hence needs to be cared more than ever.

These peels can enhance the skin's appearance and can be done on the face, neck, or hands. Some of the benefits include:
- Reduce fine lines which crop around the eyes and even in the sidelines of the mouth
- Treat wrinkles effectively which are usually caused due to sun damage and aging
- Improve the appearance of your face which is riddled by mild scars
- Treat different types of acne with the use of different types of peels
- Reduce age spots, dark freckles, and ugly patches which occur due to pregnancy or due to excessive intake of birth control pills
- Improve the countenance and overall look and feel
- Remove sun damage marks after peeling

After a peel is applied, most of the skin is sensitive to sunlight. Hence, it is important for you to wear sunglasses and apply sunscreen lotions every day. The lotions need to have “broad spectrum” options which actually attend to the sun's UVA and UVB rays.

Generally, fair-skinned patients are good candidates for these peeling treatments. If you have dark skin, the results would be good, provided the type of problem is not too severe. You might even get uneven skin tone after the chemical peeling procedure.

Skin sags, bulges, and extreme wrinkles do not work with such peels. For healing these issues, cosmetic surgical procedures are required. One can opt for laser resurfacing, even a facelift, or soft tissue filler which consists of collagen or fat. A dermatologist can advise you better depending on the type of skin that you have.

Treatment Options for Aging Skin

The resurfacing options for aging skin are many and continue to expand considerably. In patients with skin changes, you can opt for nonsurgical treatment methods too including use of vitamin C, and alpha hydroxy acids for minor improvements. Chemical peels and dermabrasion are sometimes used individually and sometimes in combination with other surgical procedures depending on the facial damage that you might suffer from.

Deeper facial lines can be treated effectively with the help of botulinum toxin or one might opt for soft tissue enhancement. Patients who have sagging skin can opt for a facelift or a browlift. All treatments need to be done one at a time depending on the patient's facial characteristics and even cosmetic allergies.

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