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By: Mel Joelle

When you have a website, it can be difficult to determine what kind of traffic you are getting. This is when you should know why you need to check website traffic for your site. Some of the main reasons you will want to check the traffic statistics is these programs will generally provide you with information on where the traffic is coming from, how the people are finding your site in relation to the keywords, and most of these programs will provide you with information on how long people are staying on your site.

Knowing where you are getting traffic from is a great thing to do. When you can have this knowledge it will be easy for you to know about how people are finding your site, but also where they are coming from. For example, you may have some articles out about your site sending you traffic, but you may also have traffic coming from search engines and even the social bookmarking sites you have used. With this information you can determine what you need to concentrate your efforts on.

Keywords are important for you to look at as well. By looking at the keywords it will be easy for you to know which of the words you target are working for your site. Without knowing this information, you can easily target the wrong words and this can lead to the site not getting the amount of traffic you want it to have. However, knowing which words are sending you the most traffic will tell you which ones to target better, but also which words you should be working on building more links to your site for.

A good program or tracking site will tell you how long the visitor is staying on your site, but it will also tell you how the person is moving around on your site. For example, you may have a site that is up and running perfectly, but you do not have any clue how they are finding their way around on your site. However, with this type of information you can figure out which page your visitors are going to, but then you will also know which page they are leaving your page from. Without this information you will not have any idea on what page you should be improving your data on.

For many people being a webmaster is a great thing to do, but it can be difficult to know where the traffic is coming from. This is when you should know why you need to check your website traffic. When you know about why you should do this, it will be easy to see why this is so important for you to do on a regular basis. Some of these reasons to use these are it will allow you to know where all the traffic is coming from on the site, the words which people are using to get on your site, and the way the people are navigating on your site and how long they are staying on the site.

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