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By: bob snider

Cheap external hard drives are a speedy, economical way to rapidly back up data, take it on the go, and transport it to another PC. As they turn into more of a commodity for students, entrepreneurs, professionals, and vacationers, the days of the lackluster slate gray drives are long gone- you may well now choose between a range of nice-looking creative designs, innovative features, and colors

If you intend on running your external hard drive for lengthy periods of time it's recommended that you get an actively cooled style to make sure there's no chance of the drive overheating, the passively cooled styles very aren't for nonstop use, more for the switch it on, transfer files and switch it off sort of use.

You may perhaps of course get passively cooled cheap external hard drives that are designed to be on all the time, these are frequently upper end styles that feature the ability to spin down the hard drive during periods of idleness to lengthen life, keep the drive cool and save energy. When it comes to external hard drive enclosures you may get them with a number of types of connections, the most trendy of course being usb, with firewire and sata coming in a close third.

Cheap external hard drives are great for backing up you're hard drive or storing additional media separately from your primary hard drive. Digital music, videos, and photos have all turn out to be so trendy in recent years that people need a place to put it all. CD's and DVD's do not have the capacity to hold computer backups and are not all that convenient. However, the prices of external hard drives have come down so much that they are excellent for backing up your important data.

The 2 most common interfaces for installing external drives to your computer are USB and firewire with sata now becoming trendy also. USB has been around for years and are normal on just about all computers today while firewire ports are newer and if you use a digital video camera with your PC you probably already have one.

In terms of access speeds, the newest sata standard offers the fastest connection, however that comes with a price. Firewire may cover most of your universal needs without needing to upgrade your system with a new sata card. Any of the interfaces will work however be sure to purchase an external hard drive with the same type of port that your computer has. Your backup drive should have a capacity at least as big as you're PC's largest hard drive. That will leave you with ample of room to backup your valuable files or clone your current drive.

You might also purchase a cheap external hard drive case and mount an internal hard drive within it. This procedure will give you a option of brands and models, and if something goes wrong with your internal hard drive, you may well simply install the external one within your PC to replace it.

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