Changing Your Slides to Digital in New York Schools Is Becoming Very Popular

By: Stephen Walter

If you work in a school you probably often have to work with slides. Now that technology is improving many people are switching to new ways to keep their slides safe and that is through changing their slides to digital in New York. This not only keeps the slides safe but it also has many other benefits for the classroom.

Some of the biggest benefits for your school to change from slides to digital media in New York is that it will give you the option to present them through a DVD player or computer, you ask why that is important and the answer is because this will allow you to reach the children at the school on a new level. For example if you are telling the children in a class about famous artwork and you have had your slides changed to digital, in the middle of the presentation, you may be able to go to an online museum on the internet with just the click of the button. Having your slides available digitally will allow you to change from one type of media to another without taking a break or moving things around, this is excellent, especially for children because they are known to have very short attention spans and the change of media can help keep their attention. Also, it will make your program look better because you will have children learning more.

Another huge benefit of changing your slides to digital New York is that by doing this you will be able to update your types of media and increase the technology at your school. Slides are very outdated and many of the slide show projectors are older because they are so old so why not begin to update your technology and change to digital. This will also help you keep your slides in tip top shape and make them more clear for people to enjoy because when they are sent in to make digital the slides are cleaned before. One of the best things about this is that you can choose how you want your slides to look the resolution of the slides is chosen in DPI, or dots per inch. The DPI goes all the way up to 4000, which is a very clear picture. The DPI amount helps people chose the exact amount of detail that goes into each picture. After your slides are put onto the computer you can have them cropped or changed however you like whether this is by color restoration, flipping the image, cropping it, or even color correction, the best part about this is many of these things are free so donít hesitate to ask.

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