Change Your Mind, Figuratively, Literally

By: Gregory Frost

You always have heard this term, change your mind, circulating around social circles and discussions among friends and family. Change your mind is usually connoted with the action of changing a decision or a perception or even a perspective of something, it is something that can be done within seconds, even nano seconds. It is something that can be done at will or even without us thinking about it. Now, what if you were able to literally change your mind, meaning you can wipe out all the data, refresh the mind and make it new and whole again.

Well now you can with brain wave technology. It was always there, and the discovery that the brain emits a range of wavelengths of electromagnetic nature has been discovered for about a hundred years or so. But the application of that fact has changed of late, with more and more research being done into brainwaves and how they can actually benefit the human race.

Realistically speaking, we are only using about 30% of the brain and the rest is a deep dark place full of conjecture and assumptions. We can hypothesise as much as we can, but we can only guess to what the rest of the brain really does. We know that there is a 5th lobe in the brain that is associated with psychic abilities, but we do not know where it is really and ho to activate it. We do not know why some people seem to have uncanny mental abilities, those who are not charlatans or TV freaks that is. We also do not know what really the brain functions as and how it seems to be able to reshape itself every so often. However, based on the technology called brainwave entrainment, we are able to fathom that the mind is able to reposition itself to operate optimally for a given scenario.

Let us look at an example. If you wanted to learn a new language, did you know that the brain can actually activate itself so that it is more in tune to new phonic systems, syntax, pronunciations, and language – and learn much better and faster, being able to reproduce the logic processes and memory balances so that we not only remember but understand this new language. We can do this and we have found a way to actually unlock it. This technology is called brainwave entrainment and the possibilities with it are literally endless.

What can be done is already amazing, but it is what has not yet been done that is really taking the industry by storm. More and more research is being culled into the production of new technology for brainwave entrainment and usage. For now, you have the power to literally change your mind, and all you need to do is to find a quiet spot for no more than 15 to 20 mins a day and you will be well on your way to changing your mind for the better and make yourself the person you always wanted to be.


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