Change Your Life Quickly And Easily With Psych-k.

By: Bill Schwarz..

For decades, many motivational speakers, councilors and self-help books have been telling us that "attitude is everything" and that for people to be successful they must fill their minds with positive thoughts on a consistent basis. While it makes sense that "your attitude will determine your altitude," it can be difficult if not almost impossible to keep self defeating thoughts at bay.
Thinking positive thoughts, repeating affirmations, and maintaining friendships with successful people are all good ways to keep one on track to live a happier, more satisfying life. Even with all of these efforts however,old negative thoughts can still get in the way of a person's progress.
This is because, while it makes perfect sense to the conscious mind that thinking positively is a good way to get better results in life, the subconscious mind often tends to resist changing its old habits.
During our early childhoods our subconscious minds are filled with beliefs that often don't serve us well when we've grown up. These beliefs can be very difficult to change by conscious means.
Fortunately, a method of replacing old limiting beliefs with new empowering ones has appeared in recent years. This technique is called "PSYCH-K" (which is short for "psychological kinesiology"), and it has been helping people live better, happier lives since it was introduced in 1988.
With the guidance of a trained PSYCH-K facilitator, a client chooses an area of his or her life that is in need of improvement. Then the client and the facilitator work together create some new beliefs that would support the desired change. This is followed by a simple process whereby the client's subconscious mind adopts the new beliefs.
The results can be very noticeable at first, or they can be so subtle that they're almost undetectable. Over time, however PSYCH-K can make some major differences in their thought patterns and behaviors leading to some major improvements in the quality of the client's life.
PSYCH-K is a safe, simple and fun way to bring about positive and long lasting change. I highly recommend that if you don't like your life the way it is or the way it's going to look further in to what PSYCH-K can do for you.

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Bill Schwarz is a PSYCH-K facilitator based in the Vancouver area. He is extremely passionate about PSYCH-K and the tremendous possibilities it offers for individuals to bring about positive changes in their lives. Bill Has made a Squidoo lens about PSYCH-K that explains more of what it's all about and what it can do for YOU.

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