Champagne - the joy jumping on the tongue

By: Hayden

Champagne, from the moment of the birth, is synonymous with joy and happiness. In your mouth, those naughty little bubbles tease you between lips and teeth with a sweet fragrance and a little luxury makes people addicted.
There are a lot of wordings about the birth of Champagne, the most vivid story took place in Ouwei Ye monastery in Champagne region of 1668. A man named Perry Avignon monk, due to tire of drinking ordinary wine, wanted to make a kind of refreshing sweet wine. He mixed with a variety of wines, then added into sugar, again sealed with cork, and placed it in the wine cellar. The second year, when he took out the bottle, found the wine color clear and transparent, gently shook, "bang" the cork was disappeared. As the wine sprayed out the bottle, the scent pervaded... the world's most romantic wine was born.
This story tells us that champagne sparkling actually comes from sugar. Mix various wines, then add the sugar and sealed. These sugars become into alcohol and carbon dioxide under the action of yeast, so accumulated a large number of bubbles in a sealed bottle into a romantic champagne.
What is Champagne?
Do not give any wine with bubbles called champagne, only the wine from the region of France, with bubbles can be called Champagne. Sparkling wine in other parts of the world is unable to share the title, because champagne is blistering rich, delicate, refreshing taste, complex, far more than in other parts of the world.
The seemingly complex Champagne, in fact, it is also simple. The grapes are used to make champagne only have three kinds: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and all champagne will be used chardonnay. In any banquet, one side you taste wine, the other side confidently said: Well, this Champagne has Chardonnay flavor. It is always right!
Romantic tone of pink champagne
If you encounter a pink champagne, it has two ways to create the romantic tone: one is blended with white "champagne" (the original wine then) and red wine, in which both have red Pinot Noir "Champagne" the charming cherry aroma, also have refreshing white "champagne", eventually blend the complex, and fascinating taste. Another method is when squeezed, soak red grapes with peel, so have this charming colors.
Champagne flute: Throw away your dish-shaped champagne glasses, due to God made the champagne flute. You can't see the joy bubbles in the dish-shaped glass of champagne, and waste a lot of valuable aroma. Flute-shaped glass like crystal of music, makes the bubbles quietly gathered, rises slowly as notes. Slender glass becomes bubbles into a string of uninterrupted line.
Dish-shaped champagne glasses: If you cannot find the champagne flute, you pick up back the dish-shaped glass of champagne! It is thinner than an ordinary wine glass wall, more slender of the glass body, like a tulip. Narrow cup is fit for aroma gathered, thumb and index finger pinch in cup foot, a noble will quickly spread throughout your body.
Eternal topic about Champagne
Which is better, Vintage Champagne or NV Champagne?
When you see the "NV" words on a champagne bottle, do not think of places like the United Nations, it means this wine is blended several different years champagne (sometimes as many as six or seven). Why Champagne houses do so? Because it is the only way they can guarantee that champagne taste printed the same trademark is always the same. Climate, soil, and vines change each year. The champagne original wine taste is not the same, champagne factories brew NV - not vintage champagne in order to ensure their classic style.
Only in good years, the winery was brewing 100% single vintage champagne and wrote years on wine labels. Is single year champagne better or classic taste NV Champagne? The answer is NV is a loyal, eternal, suitable for the type of long-term "subscribe". Vintage Champagne is more unique, suitable for occasionally.

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