Chaleco the English Waist Coat

By: laura duff

If you Google the word ‘Chaleco’ then you will definitely find yourself in middle of Spanish language. However if you go for Chaleco in English then you will find it as a waist coat which is sleeve less. As other waist coats this garment is wore over the dress and completely up to you. You can wear it over a dress shirt with a necktie and below you can wear trousers of dress pants. It is usually available with two additional pieces of males’ business apparels – coat, waist coat and trousers.

A Chaleco is designed in such a way that it has an opening in the front which can be fastened up with the help of the buttons as per the requirement. You can find both single breasted and double breasted despite the formality issue but the single breasted are more common. If you have a full three piece suit then the cloth which is used matches the jacket and the trousers. Chaleco has its own style and magnificence. In earlier times before the wrist watches became common people used to keep their pocket watches in the front pocket of their waist coats and a special watch chain attached throw the second button of the waist coat. Sometimes an extra hole is made for this purpose. You will also find a bar at the end of the chain which is specially made for the purpose of mishaps e.g. if you drop it or it slips from your hand. In recent years waist coats are worn less and the pocket watches are kept in trouser pockets.

If you are wearing a waist coat, wearing a belt is in correct. The waist coat has a pair of braces under it so that they are more comfortable hang to the trousers.

It is an old custom to leave the last button undone and it is still practiced by many. It was started by King Edward VII when he was the Prince of Wales. He did it as a result of his expanding waistline day by day. He used to fasten it and undone it as required and soon his need was copied as a style. This was done so that when people ride the horse the waist coat does not rolls up. You open up the buttons so that the stress is lessened and you feel more comfy. If you notice that when people fasten up the buttons the waist coat usually wrinkles sideways but the modern waist coats do not have a cut to deal with this problem.

Chaleco is a need of a man, a man needs it. A man wearing a Chaleco does not only looks comfortable and nicely dressed but it also give him a masculine touch. Your attire should be as such that you are comfortable in it at its maximum and whenever you go you find it not difficult to socialize and people get attracted to you. Chaleco is also worn by ladies, if they are wearing long or short length dresses.

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