Celebrities, Fame & Backgammon

By: James Bennett

You might have thought that that nobody plays board games anymore, but you couldn't be more wrong. There are lots who enjoy these traditional games, and amongst them are many whose faces are very familiar as they are celebrities and famous for all kinds of reasons. Movie stars, pop idols, and celebs from various countries, professions and backgrounds can be spotted playing Scrabble, cards, and chess at locations all over the world.

Some board games that have been around since your childhood even have a starring role in commercials and TV shows. In the TV series from the 70's, Star Trek, Mr. Spock played a futuristic 3-D version of chess. If you like that kind of thing you can even buy a 3-D Tridimensional board on eBay, exactly as seen on the starship USS Enterprise in the episode 'Where No Man Has Gone Before'.

Not every celebrity's life is about attending social events, partying through the night, and attending premieres. Most of them would rather stay home for an evening in with the family or friends, and playing a game of chess or backgammon features highly. Games offer a simple and easy way to relax after work or whilst hanging around for interviews or to go on stage, which is why they're so popular with busy, prominent people.

These days' board games are just as popular as they were when there was no TV or internet to keep us amused, and the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Sienna Miller, Glenn Close and Keira Knightley are amongst their fans. Madonna and Justin Timberlake are keen Scrabble fans, whilst Drew Barrymore and Eva Herzigova enjoy dominoes, and Craig David favours Monopoly.

Bill Gates has a mathematical mind and so loves the challenge of chess, and Sting and Bono are said to be always on the lookout for an opponent to pit their chess skills against. Kylie Minogue is another famous player, she likes a fast game and says it passes the time whilst she's waiting to go onstage, she's also an enthusiastic player of Connect 4.

Joan Crawford and Cary Grant aren't the only famous old-time stars that showed an interest either. J. Edgar Hoover, Omar Sharif, even Charles Darwin, are said to have participated in a game or two during filming breaks on-set.

Tobey Maguire, otherwise known as SpiderMan, is apparently a great lover of backgammon and has been described by Morgan Freeman as being highly competitive when playing and driven to win. Freeman fondly reminisces about their 12 hour sessions whilst filming together. A deluxe backgammon set from the well known Dal Negro manufacturer, and other first-rate manufacturers, offering sets of exceptional quality and design are available online.

'Searching for Bobby Fischer' is a movie based on a true story about a gifted young player, Josh Waitzkin. Then there is Vladimir Nabokov's novel, 'The Luzhin Defense' which was made into a chess movie, with John Turturro in the starring role. A UK chess set can last you a lifetime but cost so little to buy, making it worth every penny.

In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone there was an exciting chess battle where the three heroes are hunted by the forces of darkness. They become pieces in the game themselves and have to play in order to get free from the approaching evil.

The famous director, Sir Tim Rice, wrote a major musical based on chess, wrote in collaboration with some of the members of ABBA. And in the first scene of the 1963 James Bond movie 'From Russia With Love', the scoundrel, Kronsteen, is a prominent chess player.

Find a backgammon set in wood, marble, glass or other high quality material, and treasure its uniqueness and the pleasure you get from it for years to come.

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James Bennett owns a furniture restoration company which is perfect for him as he has a passion for real wood chess sets london. He has also played uk chess set from a young age after his father taught him the rules, and they would play nearly every day. He enjoys visiting other countries to seek out new boards and pieces for his collection of antique sets.

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