Cavalo Cheval Horse Care

By: Pete Bennet

A horse (cavalo in Spanish, cheval in French) is a most majestic creature and is a domesticated animal that has been used for many human purposes, the most obvious being farm work and transportation. But the use for horses is fast becoming something of the past in the modern world. What people should be doing with their cavalo cheval horse is taking care of it especially in its old age.

You may have heard of people actually putting their cavalo cheval horse to sleep when it is older. This is a common practice especially if the animal is deemed to be useless to its owner. But this is a practice that should be stopped because a horse does deserve the right to retire peacefully on a farm or pasture like every other animal. If you have a horse that is not being used for any tasks at all, then consider taking care of the old animal before getting rid of it.

A cavalo cheval horse is already old at the age of 20 but they can live for many years to come. They do not become useless but a little harder to maintain. Keep one as a pet and you will understand. However, it is not as difficult as, say, a cat or a dog. By providing the right food an exercise to your horse, you can still keep a horse for many more years.

There are four things to take care of as a horse matures. These are its nutrition, its teeth, it's adjustment to an environment in general, and the possible diseases that it is susceptible to. If these four factors are paid great attention, then you should end up with a horse that is as healthy as it was when it was in its prime.


What a cavalo cheval horse needs is a nutritious meal and also a regular de-worming so that it keeps healthy. The problem is that if it doesn't get the right nutrients, there is the possibility of worms infesting its organs and can cause damage especially in the stomach and intestines. The horse's blood cells can also be damaged and absorbing nutrients will become difficult for a horse in the long run if it doesn't receive the right nutrition early.

Trip To The Dental Vet

Schedule your cavalo cheval horse to meet with a vet as regularly as you can. You need to find a vet that can specialize in dentistry as well to maintain a horse's teeth. Like any animal, a horse needs its teeth to chew up food. Damaged teeth can lead to a horse not being able to break down food into smaller pieces which means it can choke on large pieces that pass through its throat.

Pay Attention To Its Environment

When a cavalo cheval horse gets older, it needs to be kept in a quite and calm place, much like a farm or pasture, away from the hustle and bustle of a busy life. Horse's are susceptible to stress and will react to it in different ways. They can either become hard to deal with or develop depression. Match the needs of a horse depending on the environment, whether it is cold or warm, noisy or quiet. This will also help the horse avoid the development of conditions like arthritis.


An old cavalo cheval horse is more susceptible to any number of diseases that are age-related. Make sure that your horse grows up without having to suffer from diseases by having a vet check on it regularly. The right vitamins and medicines will keep the cavalo cheval horse away from conditions such as arthritis, liver failure and anemia.

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