Catfish Bait: Check Out These Great Tips On How To Fish and Make Catfish Blood Bait!

By: mark fleagle

!p>There are many catfish anglers that think the best catfish bait to use to catch channel catfish and blue catfish are blood catfish baits. Blood baits are known to work exceptionally well for these two species of cats especially when you drag or bounce them off the bottom to get the fresh sent of blood blood flowing through currents. If there is no current you can cast your blood catfish bait out numerous times and drag it along the bottom to attract the catfish to your area.
How to make blood catfish bait:
Step 1
Go to a local slaughterhouse and get yourself some fresh blood. You will need to get enough to fill a good size baking pan at least 3/4" deep. Poor the blood into the baking pan and place it into the refrigerator.
Step 2
Let the pan sit in the refrigerator until the blood bait mass feels almost like a rubber surface. This may take up to 5 to 7 days time.
Step 3
Place the pan of rubber looking blood bait in the sun for as long as it takes to get a hard cover. Once it is hard you can cut the catfish bait into 2" squares and place about 3 or 4 in one sandwich bag and place back in the refrigerator, or freeze for future use. Fill as many sandwich bags as it takes until you have cut up the entire pan.
How to hook blood catfish bait:
Step 1
Cut off about 12 inches of fishing line and tie a number 1 to 2/0 treble hook to one end of the line. On the other end of the line tie a large barrel swivel.
Step 2
Get your self some pipe cleaners and skin the fuzz all the way off. Now you want to take one end of the wire and bent it up like a hook and place the hook in the open eye of the barrel swivel.
Step 3
Now poke a hole in the blood catfish fish bait with the unbent end of the wire and pull it and the leader through the hole and impale the bait into all three barbs of the treble hook. Remove the wire and and tie the leader onto your fishing line.
Well folks that concludes our article about blood catfish bait We sincerely hope you use our fishing information on your next fishing trip Good Luck!

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