Cash Making - In Defense of Capitalism

By: Denise Biance

The classic tale of Robin Hood finds a person with good intentions robbing those that are made in order to permit the poor to measure another day. This is a romantic story where the guy gets the lady and the world is ready right in the top, but how will it work itself out actually?
Robin Hood could be a sympathetic nod to socialism at worst and represents vigilante justice at best. People who scan the story can ultimately conclude Robin Hood is the hero within the story for locating a approach to help the poor. But, Robin did therefore using strategies that were illegal and a few may contend dangerous.
For the sake of argument as an instance that Robin worked to alter the laws and therefore the rich would be forced to surrender their wealth for the betterment of their fellow man. Wouldn't this resolution ensure equality for all? Not exactly.
One of the primary reasons capitalism works is that it provides a distinctive incentive for people to develop ideas that result in improved personal wealth. That wealth is used to speculate in different ventures or is saved for home improvements and education.
I can virtually hear a number of you suggesting that these wealthy business house owners create their money at the expense of the poor. The truth is mutually man or girl finds their arduous work paying off they can ultimately produce more jobs and pay a lot of cash with other businesses. As those businesses grow they hire more individuals and spend a lot of cash with others.
In an exceedingly socialist model of state we usually find that there's very little incentive to try and do your best. Why should you? You receive the identical quantity whether you do well or do poorly - everyone is treated the same.
And as a result of no one is being innovative in the role of motivated business owner there are terribly few new concepts and no reason to hunt to boost ones position in life. If everything you have is provided by the govt then you have no cause to try and do anything additional or but to just accept your share and live your life in the best manner possible knowing your conditions can never change.
In areas where capitalism is allowed to thrive you may discover that citizens find a motivation to be successful. They suddenly have a reason to succeed. Their taxes get programs to help those in need and several will involve themselves in programs geared toward company responsibility. In different words these successful businesses will voluntarily provide back to their community merely as a result of they have found monetary success - not as a result of they were forced to give. When the motivations modification bigger successes are possible.
When one individual finds success others are motivated to try and do the same. Competition in business is a healthy outgrowth of capitalism. Competition usually makes each businesses better.
Yes, there could be greed concerned in some business startups - that's also a byproduct of capitalism. Whereas greed is probably the dark thread in an otherwise stunning tapestry it does not negate the actual fact that even this seemingly negative attribute can be useful in job creation and as a means of redistributing wealth through arduous work and great ideas.
Capitalism gets to the heart of self-determination and remains a helpful tool in most of the ideas that have radically reworked just about every aspect of commerce and technology.

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