Carp Fishing Rods: Which Carp Rods Are Best For You?

By: Erik Parker

Carp RodsCarp fishing rods that have crossed my path so far have been from Abu Garcia, Masterline, Chub, Rod Hutchinson, John Wilson and Century. All of these rods have treated me well and I would feel comfortable endorsing any one of them. If I had to make a choice out of all of the rods, I would have to say my Ron Thompson is probably my favorite. The John Wilson's aren't bad either, but can be a bit pricey. If it is a difficult decision for you, your not alone with everyone claiming to use Carbon Fiber and Kevlar along with the lightest Blanks. If you do need help then ask around your local fishing spots to see what those fishemen are using,, almost all carp Aficionados will talk about their rods!Your Carp Fishing Rod's ActionThere are two main types of rod action that you will see in carp fishing rods. Fast action rods or sometimes referred to as tip action rods will bend at the tip of the rod. Fast action are better for casting over long distances. The down side is that they are not so good for playing the fish. When it isn't going to be necessary to cast very far, through action rods are highly recommened. Through action rods will bend throughout the length of the rod and this will make playing the fish a nicer experience. This way you will have a stronger chance of NOT knocking the carp off of the hook. The majority of the people fish in a variety of settings so for this I recommend the through action. The right Carp Rod Length?A 12ft carp rod is usually a good choice for the average carp fisherman. This will handle most fishing scenarios and is a good choice if you are doing a number of types of fishing. When you need to cast your hook over long distances it is best to get a 13 foot rod as the range is longer. An 11 foot rod is great for margin and floater fishing. Fishing conditions that require you to do quite a bit of stalking really require a 10 foot rod. Getting into tight spaces quietly can be difficult with the longer rods. As with everything else, the length will depend on exactly the type of fishing you are doing. The above are fairly good benchmarks to go by.Different Types of Carp Rod MaterialsCarp fishing rods are generally manufactured from carbon fiber. When you spend more money for the fishing rod you will usually be getting higher quality carbon fiber. Kevlar is sometimes placed in the rods, which makes them stronger but usually more expensive. The downside to the Kevlar rods is that they are more rigid and can make it difficult to play the fish. I have used Kevlar rods before and can recall several times when I lost a hook set because of the rigidity. I donít recommend taking the Kevlar route unless you know that you are going to be dealing with some really big carp.Determining the Test Curve of a Carp Fishing RodThe test curve of of a carp fishing rod needs to be taken into consideration if you are going to get the best carp rod for your needs. The amount of weight you will be able to cast is in direct proportion to the test curve of the rod. If the test curve is too high though you are more likely to knock the fish off of the hook when you are luring them in. So balance is needed and determing what that balance is depends on what type of fishing you are doing exactly. If you will be fishing at medium to close range then you will want to get a fishing rod between 2.25lb (2 1/4lb) test curve and 2.75lb (2 3/4lb) test curve. This range of test curve is usually the best bet for the average carp fisherman.Which Carp Rod Is The Best?Drennan, Normark, Abu Garcia, Daiwa, Shimano, JRC, TFG (Matt Hayes) , Prologic, E.S.P. , Wychwood, Masterline, Rod Hutchinson, Fox, Chub, Fladen, Ron Thompson, Greys, Harrison, John Wilson, Shakespeare, Grauvell.So which one should you get? I have to say that all of the carp fishing rod manufacturers above are good and produce a quality rod. What is most important is really understanding the exact type of fishing that you will be doing and fitting that type of rod into your budget.

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