Car loans bridge the gap between a dream and reality.

By: Sunil Punjabi

Thus, it can be a difficult cat and mouse game. Instead of playing catching up, when you clearly see that your family needs a car, opt for Car loans now. Usually, the Car loan would finance up to 80-90% of the cost of the car, this way, a smaller savings would allow you to start owning one of your prized procession. Besides new cars, one can look at financing purchase of a pre owned car as well. There of course is an option of refinancing the already existing car loan.

Sometimes we are close but yet so far, this statement would depict the situation for so many households in Canada, who have worked hard and saved money to buy a new car. The wait is long and torturing. However there is an option of fast forwarding your dream and making it into a reality. With the Car loans option that are on offer, most Canadians can now afford to dream big and luxurious. In case you wanted to buy a sedan but had to content with a hatchback due to few hundred dollars, Car loans can definitely bridge the gap. Usually the cost involved in buying a car also includes insurance, registration and other some sundry expenses. In addition, there are certain features which are not standard with the car, hence need to be bought separately at the time of purchase. Thus, the price can go up from the actual cost that you had calculated.

You can basically choose from three different types of institutions, which offer Car loans, the dealership, banks and the credit unions. The financing options of dealers allow you to get the car, the finance and other related items under the same roof. Sometimes dealers have their own schemes and at other times have multiple bank options for you. For making it a one-stop shop you would see that most dealers offer the finance at a higher percentage. The second source of Car loans are local banks or nationalized banks, they are big time into financing and can be good car loan providers.

However, the banks have their standard procedures, codes, guidelines and documentation, which might take some time and efforts to complete. But then to get the interest rate advantage one can go through some grind. The resulting Car loans from the bank have cheaper interest rates. There are also added checks in terms of your credit score. In Canada, usually one is not denied a car loan because of a bad credit score, but then the terms of repayment change. The third option is the credit unions; they are the cheapest in terms of the interest rates. However, these credit unions depend heavily on the credit rating of the individual for approving Car loans. Therefore, someone having an excellent credit score would get the best repayment schedule and lowest interest rate, through the credit unions.

Today, one can also find a lot of lenders offering Car loans online. This option has radically changed the manner in which the Car loans have been dealt with. The processing time has decreased from weeks to days and sometimes hours. In these times, you can also opt for refinancing your car, what this essentially means is that the title of ownership of the car is shifted from one owner to the other. In simpler terms you can change the car loan provider, you would do that because the other lender is providing better interest rates. With Car loans the possibilities are enormous.

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