Capsicum is a common daily use herb or plant

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Capsicum is a common daily use herb or plant. The fruit is used to make various kinds of medicine. It is normally used in salads or general recipes to add to the health benefits of various cuisines. It is usually dark green in color although several varieties are available today ranging from red, yellow and light green. Capsicum is also known as red pepper, chili pepper, bell pepper or Paprika.

Functions of Capsicum

Green capsicum is very beneficial in providing iron to the body and preventing anemia.
It is rich in Vitamin A, C and beta-carotene. It can therefore help people who are suffering from vitamin related deficiencies to a large extent.
It is also useful in reducing arthritis pain.
It can reduce nerve pain in people too and also help develop or strengthen the immune system.
It is effective as an anti-oxidant too.
It is also considered effective in treating the common cold and flu like symptoms.
It is helpful in treating type 2 diabetes and blood sugar problems.
It is beneficial in treating several skin problems too if applied topically.
It can also help people with Fibromyalgia to get relief from pain.
It is sometimes useful in providing nerve pain relief in people who are suffering from HIV or AIDS.
It can be effective in the treatment of E. Coli too.
Sometimes doctors may suggest the use of Capsicum for the prevention of leg cramps.
It can help treat other pains like tooth pains and headaches.
It is also beneficial in the treatment of blood clots.
People who are suffering from fever or nausea can benefit by consuming natural capsicum.
It is beneficial in the treatment of high cholesterol and related diseases.
It can be used in the treatment of various heart diseases.
It is helpful in lowering high blood pressure levels.
Capsicum can also help heal muscle spasms, laryngitis and several other problems.
It is considered effective in preventing Cancerous tumors in most people.
It also works well as an anti-bacterial agent to a certain extent.
Tips and Warnings

When used topically it can be used by most people across all age groups. It is generally safe for consumption too.
People may also suffer from certain side effects like skin irritation, burning and itching sensations, nausea etc.
People may sometimes experience severe eye irritation, soreness or redness with constant consumption of Capsicum.
It is safer to consume Capsicum as a medicine or fruit for short periods of time.
Too much use can result in digestive problems too.
It may lead to liver damage or kidney problems if had regularly.
If you suffer from any pepper allergy it is better to avoid Capsicum.
If you have any damaged or broken skin it is better to avoid taking Capsicum.
Women who are pregnant or those who are breastfeeding should avoid consuming Capsicum.
Capsicum may increase the risk of bleeding and should not be taken if you are about to undergo surgery.

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