Capitalizing on Cyber Monday

By: Mel Joelle

For a website selling any number of goods or service, the days leading up to Cyber Monday are the perfect time of year to play around with some new online marketing techniques and capitalize on the millions of shoppers looking to find a great deal on their Christmas shopping. There are several effective techniques that you can try to help raise sales and turn a profit, all before the month of December ever starts. Here are some of the most popular and effective suggestions:

Create Urgency: Although there are roughly four weeks between Cyber Monday and Christmas morning, websites will do the most business if they express a sense of urgency on their website. A clock counting down until the end of the Cyber Monday sale, or perhaps until Christmas, will remind shoppers that presents need to be purchased quickly before time runs out. Specify that Cyber Monday deals are a one time only special, and that prices can’t be guaranteed beyond that day, or the days during which the sales are running. This can motivate indecisive shoppers to commit to buying things that they might otherwise consider and then decide against.

Encourage the Holiday Spirit: Nothing can motivate shoppers to buy products online like remembering the excitement of the holidays. Through the use of holiday phrases, sounds, music and festive web design, remind anyone who views your page of the impending holiday season. Positive Christmas memories will be associated with your products, and many shoppers will want to share that joy with friends and family who they can shop for online.

Show Reduced Prices: Remember that people head online to get their shopping done on Cyber Monday because they expect there to be sales and reduced prices. This is a wonderful advantage for online businesses, because before the page has even been opened shoppers are excited and ready to see low prices. Capitalize on this by showing the reduced prices clearly, and offering plenty of sales and deals. Include the original prices alongside the new reduced rates to it is clear that the website is indeed celebrating Cyber Monday and offering sale items. Organize the most reduced products to appear at the top of the page or on the main opening page, so that the first impression is that of a sale.

Use Social Media: In the weeks leading up to Cyber Monday, locate as many followers as possible on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. Then, during your holiday Cyber Monday sales, you can post links and specials to your profiles. These deals will then be seen by those interested in your products, and can be reached in a single click. This is perhaps one of the best ways to achieve new sales, as well as remind repeat customers of any bargains they might not have noticed previously.

To capitalize on Cyber Monday, one of the biggest online shopping days of the year, be sure to encourage the holiday spirit, show your reduced prices, create a sense of urgency and utilize social media to bring in new customers.

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