Capabilities Of The Bin Ranges For Credit Cards

By: Gen Wright

Bin ranges for credit cards are a big advantage when they are updated. New credit cards are issued on a daily basis and these credit card numbers have to be included in the BIN list. Therefore, even if the Bin ranges for credit are accurate and the list is not updated, then not all credit cards will go through a successful run through the database. Currently, many bin ranges for credit cards are up-to-date and thus more practical.

Bin ranges for Amex or any other card brand, plays a role in linking the card to its bank. There are very many banks that issue credit cards and it would be hard to get a hold of the originality of a specific credit card. Therefore, the bin ranges for these credit cards is what helps in identification of the banks that made and issued the card to its customers.

Bin ranges for Visa and MasterCard help in the sense that when they are run in a database, details of the owner of the credit card will be retrieved. Picture a scenario of a person suffering from amnesia and they cannot remember who they are and the only thing on them is their credit card. Well if it is a visa card, then by running the bin ranges for visa through a system, will help in knowing where the person comes from and thus help their loved ones get to them. The details obtained on the credit card could range from the name of the person, place of residence, and even the phone number of that person

Bin ranges for credit cards help in finding out when the card was issued. Credit cards do have an expiry date and at times instead of looking at the date manually, a search of the bin ranges for Amex or Visa will give the person searching an accurate day, year and month the card was issued. Therefore, if the card is expired and the owner has no idea that could be a probable reason for some of the credit card problems they could be facing, then that will be dealt with immediately.
Other than the time the card was issued, the bin ranges for credit cards can also determine where the card was issued. One major bank can have several branches in nearly every state.

Therefore, as much as the bank has issued the card one has to know which branch the card was issued at. Bin range can help get to the particular branch instead of squinting at the tiny details that are written on the card.
How genuine and valid a card is, can also be established by the bin ranges for Amex or bin ranges for Visa. Irrespective of the brand of the card, its range can play a big role in getting to a lot of details about the card.

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