Canine Allergic Reactions Dog Allergies on the Increase This Season

By: SA Perillo

These days, one of the most common reasons for dog visits to veterinarians is a skin allergy. In fact, it has been noted that, a number of dogs in the recent years show allergic reactions. Although some breeds are seem to be susceptible to dog allergies, in general, it is estimated that out of seven dogs, one of them exhibits some types of allergies.

There are a lot of factors that may cause dog allergies. Your dogs may be irritated in inhaling pollens, eating particular foods; some may be even allergic with the grass in the yard. What we see as symptoms or the allergic reactions are caused by the immune response of dogs. The discomfort your dogs may experience is due to the reaction of the dogs’ system to the allergens. As the dogs are exposed to the allergens, the immune system of dogs produces antibodies. The histamine, which is responsible for the physical reaction, is released on the second and later exposure to the products or allergens triggering an antibody response.

When we, humans, are exposed to allergens, our common response is sneezing or we exhibit congested nasal cavities. Usually, we also have watery eyes and runny nose. Dogs’ response to such allergens is different. They normally experience itching—the allergic reaction is often shown as a skin problem. Hence, dogs would always scratch their skins constantly to relieve the itch, causing them to be miserable. And, as they scratch their skin uncontrollably, red patches on their skins and bare spots on your dogs’ coats occur. They may also develop open wounds. As a result, they may acquire secondary fungal and bacterial infections, which can probably worsen their condition.

What pet owners do in addressing dog allergies is eliminating the fleas, believed to be the most common source. They are usually seen inside the back legs and in dogs’ stomach, especially to light colored dogs. However, these crawling fleas may not be visible to dogs with dark fur. So, what owners do is comb them with a fine toothed flea comb. Also, put a piece of white paper under your dogs to easily see the removed flea detritus. It will be of big help. To effectively remove these fleas, use the 24 hour flea killer, Capstar. When your dogs take a pill of Capstar, fleas will be killed in just 24 hours. Flea killing spray or powder would also be of help. By treating their beddings with this particular spray or powder, you can be ensured of a flea-free dog. Also, vacuum frequently the carpet and flooring which may contain the flea eggs.

To fight dog allergies successfully, you should treat them as well as ensure your dogs with a clean environment. As a pet owner, you should be responsible of giving them a healthy and clean environment. It is through this that you can show them your concern, love, and care. Protect and defend them from dog allergies and their life will not be miserable.

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