Can you Trade For Entertainment

By: Kam Dhadwar

You can trade for the entertainment, as long as you understand that is really all you are doing and that it can be quite expensive. If you get tired of losing, don't con yourself into believing you're going to become a winning trader just by sending a system vendor your money. Remember, futures trading is a zero sum game. You are competing against some very bright and passionate people. We teach our clients patience, discipline and trading methods that could have only come from a lifetime of trading.
Trading is like golf. There is no gain without pain. If you love the game, you are willing to practice in the rain. I'm a poet and didn't know it! Your game gets really good. Your satisfaction comes from playing the game well, and letting the money follow. You're in the zone. The zone is a phenomenal place to be and once you have experienced it you will want to keep coming back. The zone is self actualization. That's really why you should be trading.
After my years of trading I feel satisfaction when I see what trading has done for my life. Trading has given me the pleasure of intellectual challenge, has made me think about things on a very deep level, has trained my mind and given me a sense of accomplishment. Trading has made me a more disciplined and better person.
I feel that people are initially attracted to trading to make a lot of money. There is nothing wrong with that type of attraction, but it is a shame that most people stay at that level and never transcend beyond it. Wake up and see that you should be trying to understand the market for the work of art that it truly is, and for the communicator it is. Once you do that, your level of understanding gives you a sense of completion along with a sense of awe that within the market's complexity beats an honest and simple heart. The market is a beautiful thing that is living and breathing and ever changing. You sit back and let the trades come to you. Through that trust you have in the market it also builds the trust in yourself. When you are one with the market, you are flowing with it. That's when the market is very clear.
It gives us at L2ST a buzz whenever clients tell us we've shown them that. It feels good to know our work has had an impact on people and their lifes for the better.
SO, start from today to see the markets for what they truely are and embrace that understanding. The markets will love you for it and you will be rewarded!
Master yourself and ALL becomes clear :-)
Make a Great Day Traders!

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