Can we monitor our employees?

By: gramsmith

Monitoring employees are done in almost every company. But is it ethical to monitor an employee, where do the companies stand in such area and what the authorities say about it? I will be defining here the key concept and how it is legal? And the ways in which employees are monitored by employers.
Ways to monitor:
1. Email Monitoring:
Employees are monitored by employers using email filtering software to search for incoming and outgoing emails on the server.
2. Data entry, Phone monitoring:
Companies and employers feel that they are betrayed by their employees. And most of the time their 'thinking' comes true when they catch them red handed. But what about those times when they canít catch them? So, they started monitoring their employees using the monitoring software. Data entry software captures every key logger of the employee and stores it on the server. While telephone tapping is done with the help of a recorder, that stores recording of calls between employees and clients.
3. Desktop Monitoring:
Many employers use desktop monitoring software to monitor the desktop of each employee. Let me state how the desktop monitoring software works. Desktop monitoring software captures screen after every 1 second to any defined value by its operator.
Legality Issues:
IF we talk about surveillance of an employee is legal or not, then itís a clear answer that surveillance is illegal. But according to ( Surveillance without the consent of the employee is clearly illegal. What employees should do, is the following.
1. Forming and reinstating it in policy:
Employees should form a policy stating that their employees are being monitored (tell the ways in which they are being monitored). According to privacy law, only monitoring office emails, is allowed. Those are from the company email addresses.
2. Putting a notice where everyone can see it (in bold letters):
Write in bold letters on some place where everyone can look (you are being monitored) so employees can understand that they are being monitored. Otherwise that will be illegal and an intrusion into the life of the employee.
3. Let them know the limits:
Itís the responsibility of the manager to tell the employees they are being monitored and why they are being monitored. If employees make an issue out of it (which most will) then itís the responsibility of the management to sort it out in the best way possible with equal distribution.

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