Can only the boundary defining provide all the warmth?

By: Adelwolf Smith

There are both national and international boundaries – and boundaries are required to maintain peace and order within and outside, holding the lines of poet John Milton true that “good fences make good neighbours”. When the word fence crosses our mind it is always the cris-cross collection of planks, nailed and made erect, then fixed in the ground.

Anyhow with the change of situation there has come along many new types of fences to suffice different needs, and they need not be the fences for maintaining the boundary of one’s property or residential area. The most common fences is wood fences, which is further best described as enclosures not only about acquiring a boundary for an area or personal property, but it gives an extra touch of warmth and elegance – if surrounding a house. A well build wooden fence can also afford a measure of security and privacy, at the same time it also keeps the neighbor’s pets out of the flower beds.

The next in the line is the gazebos. The overall purpose of a gazebo is to give the particular area of the house the formation of a little personal lawn. They are not the usual boundary marker meant for security purpose, but rather they are those cane made fashion stands which normally provides a shelter for some outdoor relaxation. Gazebos are low wall surroundings (either movable or permanent), with dome or pagoda like roof top, supported by poles, which means a shelter with no walls and the long huge gap between the short raised walls till the roof. The gap may be decorated with curtains. They can be of any shape and sizes.

Trellis is not a fence but fencing frame work. They are interwoven fence frame work which are made with the help of wood, bamboo (most common) or even metal. is known as Trellis. Simple fence can be made, and to give it a turgid finishing the tough frame work of the trellis may be used.

Arbors are chiefly garden features which are constructed to help the climbers grown up the vertical post then grow pass the horizontal top, then climbing back down ward by the opposite vertical post , forming a beautiful airy & shady passage way.

Sunnyvale fence can be best described as iron works which provides all round security. Their form and the function work wonderfully hand in hand.

One last type in this section is the composite decks which are decks and not fences. They are platforms to stand on. Composite decks are typically made from the combination of different materials mostly wood and plastic, though now a days there are metal decks too, which need intense care for there is the fear of rusting. The wooden composite decks which consist of lumber industry byproducts like sawdust, chips and wood fiber and the plastic can be made from recycled materials. Nowadays, there's a vast array of decking available, and some of it doesn't even have a trace of wood in it – thus the mixing and matching to give it a look of its kind.

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