Can You Really Get Paid For Your Opinion With Online Surveys?

By: Alex Mall

Online Surveys

Online surveys are an easy way to get customer feedback that is critical to understanding your customer and their needs. But their feedback is only as good as the quality of your survey questions. Online surveys are usually conducted during Assessment to help identify market segments and analyze user needs, user profiles and user requirements for the product. The data collected provides a lot of the background information needed for competitive analysis, focus groups, experience testing and task analysis. Online surveys are faster and cheaper. For this reason, developing large online panels has become a priority for marketing research companies and they are willing to pay for our opinions.


Companies spend a lot of money doing research and development for their products and that includes knowing what consumers want and need. As a survey-taker, you just answer a few questions . Companies need access to information regarding the reaction of the public on the products they promote. In order to get this information they do extensive market research studies which are expensive and sometimes not reliable when the data can be manufactured.

Companies and organizations are constantly searching to get the public's feedback and know the public's opinion in order to help them make various decisions. Here's the good news about all of this - you can earn extra cash just by giving your opinion! Companies which provide paid online .

Advantage of Paid Surveys

Participate in market research surveys and tell companies what you think.The biggest advantage of paid surveys are that you get to hang out in the comfort of your home, not have to get up and go anywhere. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. Participating in consumer surveys for companies online is by FAR the easiest and funniest money you can make.

Joining a survey membership site will help you learn the business faster and receive many more offers requesting you to take surveys. You certainly could make an effort to get surveys without joining groups, but the results may come faster if you do.

Focus Groups

Focus groups and polling, otherwise known as public opinion research, can be effective mechanisms for gathering insight into the opinion of the target group, thereby allowing organizers to formulate an even stronger strategy for advocacy. Without support from key constituencies and the public at-large, advocacy agendas are less likely to be successful. Focus groups typically include six to 12 people, and participants receive anywhere from $75 to $250 to reimburse them for their time and travel expenses. Group members are selected based on certain characteristics or demographic information, such as age, race, income and usage of the product. Focus groups are currently used as both a self-contained method and in combination with surveys and other research methods, most notably individual, in-depth interviews. Comparisons between focus groups and both surveys and individual interviews help to show the specific advantages and disadvantages of group interviews, concentrating on the role of the group in producing interaction and the role of the moderator in guiding this interaction.


Paid online surveys are an easy way to earn money online. Online surveys and Focus Groups are very cost efficient. Paid Surveys allow you to earn more than what a regular employee does. In fact, with paid surveys your earning potential is really great.

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