Can You Interpret This Language For Me?

By: Johnnys Hallmark

When someone is talking to you about Web sites, do you feel like they are talking in a foreign language? The technologically shrewd folks fling about terminology that truly stupefies a lot of people. The following are a couple of terms you might have or will probably hear tossed around by the geeks.

E-Commerce, as complex as it sounds, is simply the ability that a business has today to sell their goods and services across the world through the use of the Internet. In other words, e-commerce allows one to conduct business electronically. There are even some businesses today that don't have physical store locations. Their entire history of transactions are completely virtual.

Another common term is HTML; this is an abbreviation for Hypertext Markup Language, which is used to set up Web pages and documents. HTML defines the various parameters of a web page through the use of tags. For example, if I wanted bold text on my website, I would simply enclose it with the proper tags as follows, b>my bold text is the beginning of the bold text and the /b> simply denotes its end. HTML is what is used to make any website legible, interesting and attractive. This is what a web browser does, it reads the HTML and outputs it as a web page.

A search engine is a website which allows you to find other websites whose address you do not know through the use of keywords. There are numerous search engines, including Google (the biggest), MSN, Excite, AltaVista, AOL, and lots more. Tons of search engines exist today, however Google is very popular, so if you hear someone say "google it", they simply mean for you to go to to search the answer for whatever you just asked.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a technique that is used to make your website appear more friendly to search engines. Search engines look for many things when determining what will appear in their results lists of searches. People use SEO to configure these certain factors so that when a search engine compile that list of sites for the search results page, their website will earn a higher spot.

Both Dynamic and Static web pages have content that is constantly changing. Often times, the content is changed by a database program which updates certain information. In contrast, a site with content that remains unchanged for an extended period of time is referred to as Static. However, a website can contain both static and dynamic pages; for example, a website's homepage can change frequently while the contact page will most likely remain the same for a while; this is true for most websites.

A set of terms you may hear frequently has to do with file formats. JPGs, TIFs, PDFS, and GIFs are all terms for image files. I bet you've heard someone ask for a JPG picture before. What that person is really saying is that they want the picture saved in the JPG format. Image files can be saved in certain formats that impact size and compression. This in turn impacts the download time. Shorter download times are important when you're displaying pictures on web pages. Images that are bigger than average and will be printed must be sharper than those that will only be seen online, and are saved in TIF format for this purpose. There are also multiple formats which you can use to save text files. PDF files are used for high clarity and formatting, while remaining compressed enough to be easily transferable.

If you are still confused, or hear some new Internet lingo that you are unfamiliar with, you can Google it for more information.

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