Can You Choose the Top Free Work Online From Home Employment?

By: Asem Eltaher

It is clear that almost everyone is looking for the day when he can earn a living online using the best free work from home employment without having a miserable boss who observes him from the shoulder and gives just orders. So, the ideal solution is to target one of the legitimate business opportunities.
But on the other side, we have to admit that most of the newbies in our field are trapped in the internet frauds, which promise much more what they can deliver leaving you again disappointed. Then, newbie - in case they did not loose their hope- resume their long-term search for another free work from home employment.
The evidence that internet scams is a real problem for each one, who seeks a legitimate free work from home employment, is the discussion forums. In almost each discussion form, you can find one or more of the following questions:
- What would be the best way to find legitimate admissions jobs working from home?
- Is an online business hiring work from home employees a scam?
- Is it really right that someone can make a living working at home using legitimate business opportunities?
- What are the top ten ways to make money fast but legally?
- Where to find the best review on working from home sites?
As I have been scammed before and do not wish anybody to have the same frustration feeling as I did, I collected for you 5 significant checks that you should never overlook when you are on your way to start looking for a free work from home employment. Since I have been scammed several times before, I used my personal experiences and trial and error in order to put in front of you 5 points that almost all internet scams share.
Check (1): Do they have broken links?
Having a look at the top professional websites that offer your legitimate chances, it will not be the case that you find some links that do not work or links to other websites that talk about totally different topics rather than the topic of the original website. Your common sense should be also involved in this issue.
Type your target keyword in Google and have a look at the websites that are positioned on the first page and enjoy a relatively high page rank like 4 or above. Navigate through the website and formulate an idea about the structure of it and how realistic their promises are.
This helps you to have a complete picture of how a serious chance should be and, therefore, can guide you in your way to choose your next opportunity.
Check (2): Do they link for websites that ask for money?
If your online for relatively long time, you will see for sure some websites that force you indirectly to buy something from a partner of them in exchange to get something for free. Quit this website immediately.
Legitimate works from home jobs get their rank from 2 significant factors, which are honesty and reputation. The worst thing that can happen is to promise something that you can not really achieve. If it is mentioned that a business chance costs you nothing, then it must be really the case and it must be free of charge and they should not force you even to offer them your email address for this.
You should be skeptical of each website that applies pressure on the internet surfers asking them to win the chance immediately to buy the product or they will loose for ever. Business owners, who apply pressure on the new internet visitors to buy something through massive emails or unreasonable discounts, can not be serious.
Check (3): Do they announce on their homepages promises that are not achievable?
Surfing the internet, you will find a lot of people who promise much more that what they can really deliver. Otherwise, earning good money online has never been much easier than this. Never believe websites and business models that announce something like:
- Quit your daily job in 30 days.
- What if you can earn $1000 on the same day you join our company.
- See your website on Google's first page in 24 hours.
- Be your own boss in few days.
- Bring 1000 unique visitors to your website per hour in the first week you join us.
- Have thousands of leads in your down line in just few days.
- Build your opt-in list easily and quickly in 24 hours.
- Get a free affiliate website that makes you $1000 per day right now.
Also, be careful of all business opportunities that just talk about how great their services are and how much better your life would be, if you buy their products. Believe me, no body is perfect and no product is perfect either.
It must be some disadvantages here or there. And a serious business owner should be honest with his customers and tell them the benefits of his services as well as the limitations in order to help you in deciding if this product is something for you or not.
A typical example would be "ready made adsense websites"that make you money through Google adsense program. They can honestly make you a good living online by working from home but almost no one mentions the limitation of selling the same website to several customers.
A wise merchant with a high rank in your market should advise you how to periodically update your website with fresh and unique content, so that you avoid any duplicated-content penalty from Google, if your website is exactly like the others.
Check (4): Check their customer support.
You should never overlook this check, if you look for a legitimate free work from home employment. It is admitted that many thousands of the beginners are easily cheated by the testimonials offered by the vendor. They will certainly show you the good text of the satisfied customers and noting more. It is also wise not to believe everything written on these testimonials as some scams write the text by themselves or they ask some friends or relatives to write a good text for them.
A wise way to check their service is to contact them with a couple of questions. I use a nice trick that is asking for a proof that they are serious and see what they will send to me. Some companies do not reply my email at all and this is a sign that they are nothing but scams.
Check (5): Do they have a Tax-ID?
It does not matter where this company is; every business owner has to pay taxes. I think it is much better to say that each legitimate business owner has to pay taxes. This is simply means that internet scams do not have something to do with taxes.
Another nice check is to see how they will pay you the money you earned. Based on a wide survey and personal experiences, I would say that legitimate business models pay trough well know and world wide payment methods like Paypal, Check, or direct deposit. In addition, they should normally offer an official affiliate program since you will make money with them.
Hence, one good idea that you should not overlook is to check the places where their affiliate programs appear and have a deep look at what other people are saying about this business in the discussion forms.
Nearly every beginner is trapped once in internet scams but do not give up as there is always hope and a chance to -using the above mentioned checks- find the best free work from home employment.

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