Can You Beat Stress Without Medications?

By: Katarina Uber

When life happens in ways that make us feel less than secure, stress is the normal reaction. Stress is the underlying cause of many of our medical conditions, not to mention psychological conditions. Allowing stress level to build can have serious long term effects along with a lessened quality of life.
Often, the first treatment prescribed for stress is some form of medication to reduce the symptoms of stress. Not always is medication effective, and many balk at the idea of the potential side effects.
For those opting to lower their stress in a more natural way without the use of prescription drugs will find a plethora of options to lessen their stress along with the negative effects of stress.
One of the easiest ways to relax and clear your head is to take a long walk. Walking 30 minutes a day has shown to be as effective as taking an anti depressant. Walking also reduces frustrations, anxiety, and leaves you with a different mind set.
Music. Music effects us in many ways. Classical music has shown to lower blood pressure, upbeat music can get you smiling when you feel blue. Listening to music is a wonderful way to give your brain a much needed break.
Our brains are powerful organs, yet do need a break like the rest of us, in order for us to be clear minded and mentally sharp.
Find a hobby to do and be sure to make time for it at least once a week. Everyone needs to get out of the mindset of having to deal with problems and decisions within our lives. By giving yourself something else to focus on, you can gain a sense of accomplishment in an area of your life where your job and financial situation may not be up to par.
Starting a fun craft project, playing tennis, having a girls night out, take dancing lessons.... or get a massage. Massages are a terrific way to melt away accumulated stress. So is Yoga. Stress is stores in our tissues and when those tissues are kneaded or stretched the stress simply flows away.
Don't be afraid to let your emotions surface. If you're so stressed that you want to cry, then let those tears flow. Built up stress has to come out somehow, so it's a lot safer to let it out through tears than to wait until it explodes into uncontrollable anger.
When feeling angry, smacking a punching bag, os beating your couch with a foam baseball bat is a very safe way to release anger, one of the more detrimental emotions to keep bottled up. You can beat that stress by learning what works for you. You will be much more happy, and so will your body with a lowered stress level.

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