Can Stinging Nettles Relieve Arthritis Pain ?

By: Mark John

The simple answer is yes, well not for all, but for many, Yes nettles really can offer some relief from the pain and inflammation . Nettles have been used for thousands of years in one form or another for there healing properties. In the case osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis many plants and natural substances exist that that are known to aid joint pain and inflammation, with the most extreme probably being the common Stinging Nettle.
The science behind the myth is somewhat confusing, having said that recent studies carried out at the University of Plymouth UK, offer some scientific proof that this ancient folklore therapy can actually work.
27 Arthritic volunteers at the University of Plymouth underwent treatments consisting of stinging nettle leaves being applied to the hands daily for a week. The results were then compared to the effect of a placebo, namely, the white deadnettle leaf, (which does not sting), also applied one week. The research indicated that stinging nettles not only significantly reduced pain, but they also diminish the level of remaining pain
Why Does It Work
The theory is, the nettle leaf contains thousands of microscopic stinging spines which are thought to pierce the skin similar to acupuncture which triggers histamine (the body's own anti-inflammatory) as well as a sting, to concentrate on the treated area, the by product being arthritis pain and inflammation relief. Pain relief was most likely to occur if a sting with weal's (nettle rash) was produced.
This is an age old remedy, that seems to work for many people across the world. The stinging nettle is a freely available plant which grows in many countries around the world and its sting seems a safe treatment with little in the way of side effects. So nettles may indeed reduce the pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
How to Administer
The traditional way to treat your arthritis with stinging nettles is simply to grasp the plants stem with a gloved hand and then thrash or rub down the affected joint area with the leaves until nettle rash appears, repeat the same process for all affected areas, in many cases this will help reduce the pain and swelling quickly all be it for a short period of time.
So yes, the simple answer is stinging nettles can help and proof does exist to back this up, nettles can indeed offer some short term relief, however the thought of thrashing yourself with them may not be one to relish. well the good news is, you don't have to, you see nature has provided us with many long and short term answers for most types of arthritis and there are easier and far less abrasive ways of reducing your pain and inflammation believe me.

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