Can Sparkles of Life Create Abundance?

By: raj 001

Mystifying, enchanting, energetic, exuberant, twinkling lights in the night…. the mystery they share when you experience them can create a life changing opportunity for you. What can this be? What in nature can share such unselfish energy, such an explosive show?
Of joy and delight? What in this world is so tiny yet creates a powerful connection with their surrounding world?

Have you ever sat outside on your deck or patio just after sunset on a summer evening to hear the enveloping peace of the night? The night birds are calling, the frogs are croaking at a nearby pond, and the fireflies are lighting up the world with flashes of energy and life. Their flashing energy, their sparkling light, and their joy in life for the wonder of the night is the purpose of their existence. How simple and free is their joy when they share their light with the world. Fireflies look like sparkling Christmas lights or tiny fragments of stars falling to earth. They lovingly surround us like a blanket of fireworks and share with us a life changing opportunity to enjoy one of the many wonders of the world.

Nature speaks to us. The Universe speaks to us through the world of nature. God speaks to us through his creation of the Universe and all the creatures existing in the Universe. Are we open and aware of these messages of the Universe? Do we listen with our hearts and understand we are part of a greater plan? Do we really know that when we place our intentions out into the Universe it creates a chain of action and reaction so great so as to achieve our intention…whether it is to create abundance in our lives, to totally change the direction of our life, to provide time freedom, or create financial freedom?

Surely if simple fireflies can share their joy of life with us through their light, then we as human beings with intelligent thought, emotions, love and purposeful living can share ourselves with the world around us. We can be more attune to our surroundings and connect with the Universe and everyone we encounter each day.

Can we be as unselfish as the fireflies? Yes, we can! It is a choice we can freely make to open ourselves up to the love and unconditional giving to the world around us, to shine, to sparkle, to bloom where we are planted. When we can love unconditionally and give with no expectations, we are truly empowered and receive such amazing warmth and acceptance that there are no words to describe our feelings.

Just as fireflies give us their show of light and excitement, may we as human beings learn from other living things around us to love unconditionally with no expectations in return and to connect with the world around us? Even at the end of the day with the unfolding beauty and peace of the night beginning to surround us, we can be in gratitude for the humble majesty of the simplicity of life around us.

The day is gone forever. The stillness and peace of the night is upon us. The present moment is all there is, but there is a new tomorrow with new promises and new opportunities to let our light shine to create all measures of abundance be it emotional fulfillment, feeling of security, improved physical health, time freedom or financial freedom.

“All is new; all is forgiven, all is light.” And through these words and the flashing of joyous light from the fireflies, I heard these words, “See I make all things new” (Revelation 21:5).

May your life be filled with the sparkle of fireflies and your days be shining with the light of empowering love for everyone you encounter.
Peace, Joy, Love, Light in all your connections with the universe.

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