Can I Stop Being Angry?

By: Folah Vain

It is good to express your feelings. However, doing so in an angry and uncontrollable manner is dangerous and should be avoided. When you accept and recognize that you have anger management problem, you are on the right track to solving the problem.
Being angry was never a crime we just need to accept the reality that this is who we are and we dont have to worry about other peoples judgment on us. Knowing what angered you plays a very important role in attaining your goal of resolving ones emotional outburst. Thus this helps you divert your anger into something that will make you feel better.
One reason that makes people angry and lose control is because they lack the ability to let go. There is a need to forget past experiences despite of the truth that these experiences may haunt us. It is very dangerous that you dont let go of these pasts experiences. Chances are you will get angry very easily if you dont learn to let go.
There are lots of ways to control your anger. One of the means is to attend free anger management classes and meetings. Many of these abound around you. One of the management techniques that you can use to deal with anger is to avoid solving problems, rather take control.
Some people believe that they are able to solve every problem they encounter. The saying "there is a solution to every problem" is not applicable in all cases. The reality is that not every problem has a solution; some things are just not within your control. Instead you should be preparing for the situations that are at hand and take control. It is a way to cope with the aftermath of your anger.
When driven by anger it is but natural to get an outburst feeling of dissatisfaction. But you need to know how and when to control it. Instead of using and wasting your energy in anger transport it into a positive one. Instead of gulping into anger give yourself a break.
An effective way in dealing with your anger is to take it easy. Try relaxing your whole body and breathe deeply. You have the option to get angry or not. Whenever you are relaxed you are able to think ahead. Youll know what will follow, through the actions you have made and the words you say before getting angry.

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