Can I Overcome Stage Fright And Public Speaking Fear?

By: Arlen Busenitz

The majority of people suffer from some form of stage fright, public speaking fear, or even speaking phobia. Can a person reach a point where they never have these fears and feelings?
Let's study experienced speakers for a moment. Do they suffer from nervousness and speaking fear?
Yes and no. Most look forward to speaking and don't dread it. However, the majority do experience some nervousness, adreline rush, and a shot of fear before going on stage.
Why would a speaker with over 600 engagements feel this? Here are a couple reasons.
First, your body senses the big event and pours adrenaline into your system. This can cause the shaky knees, sweat, etc.
Second, no matter how many times a person has spoke in public, a speaking event still has the possibility for major failure. We could mess up, the audience may be hostile, or our voice starts to shake.
This of course causes your body to pour more adrenaline into your system.
You may be thinking, "If the experienced speakers still have some nervousness, how do they speak with such confidence and calmness?"
Or you may be asking, "Is there anyway I can cure my speaking fear?"
There is hope! Don't get discouraged.
Experienced speakers have learned how to control their feelings and fear. They may feel nervousness and fear before going on stage. However, it does not effect their presentation, because they know the secrets to saying no to fear and yes to confidence.
Learn these secrets and you can conquer speaking fear and speak with confidence every time.

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