Can Hypnosis Really Give You Better Health?

By: Fleur Moir-Jones

Hypnosis, in one form or another, has existed throughout the ages. Most people have enjoyed the spectacle of the hypnotist whether it's on television or live in a theatre. It can be fun watching a hypnotised person strutting around like Mick Jagger, for example, whenever the hypnotist says something which triggers such a response.

Hypnosis has its place in entertainment. It has also been gaining ground in the medical community and there is much documented evidence for the possibility of hypnosis being used for better general health. This is due to hypnosis remedies becomes more widespread.

The success of hypnosis on a person depends on their desire. The differing levels of focus and openness to suggestion are typical of a hypnotised person. Hypnosis CAN be the answer for transforming your life.

A healthier lifestyle can be gained through hypnosis in many ways. A hypnotised persons mind can be re-programmed to eat healthier snacks instead of junk food every time they experience a craving.

Instead of chips and high-calorie dip, a suggestion can be made that apples are the best tasting snack on the planet and you should reach for an apple instead of chips. Or drink apple juice instead of soda (even diet soda is not good for us).

Hypnosis remedies are not a cure all and hypnosis will not make you do things you would not normally do. A person has to be willing and open to the suggestions being made under hypnosis. If you truly want to drink apple juice instead of soda a suggestion made under hypnosis that soda tastes like dirt and apple juice is delicious can help you make a better decision when choosing what to drink.

In recent years the medical community has recognised the benefits hypnosis can have on people's health. There are a lot of studies which document solid proof that hypnosis can benefit a huge variety of physical and psychological issues. These include pain relief for cancer patients, phobia sufferers, weight loss cases and anxiety to name but a few.

Mental health can also benefit with hypnosis and there are studies being conducted about the effectiveness of pain management and hypnosis treatment in cancer patients as well.

Although hypnosis can permanently relieve some conditions (such as quitting smoking) it can't cure cancer for example. In such cases it is used as a complimentary treatment alongside established medical practices. Hypnosis is however being viewed as a very welcome (and effective) tool by a large number of medical professionals.

Hypnosis really can improve a great many physical and psychological conditions. It is of great importance that people fully understand the process of this alternative therapy (as with all alternative therapies) before choosing to experience it. Use established techniques by a qualified practitioner or ask your doctor for advice.

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