Can Business VoIP handle the demands of Corporate Communications?

By: Gen Wright

VoIP is taking society by storm. Vonage, well known the world over, is at the front lines, pushing VoIP technology as an alternative to traditional home telephone services offered by companies like AT&T and Verizon. In fact, there are even devices available which connect your phone to your computer, allowing calls to be made using the Internet. With VoIP being touted as the next step in the evolution of communications technology, can it really make a painless entry into the business world?

A corporate phone system has many more moving parts than a home phone system. Firms demand multiple extensions, dial-by-name directories, the ability to transfer calls to team members and numerous other features not needed in a home environment. Up until now, companies had to get their own pricy PBX unit from a telephone hardware vendor and employ phone system specialists to deploy it and keep it running smoothly. Can providers offering VoIP services incorporate all of these extra features into their services by themselves?

Hosted PBX service providers have polished their services to work just as well as the PBXes offered by the established telephone giants. These hosted VoIP providers offer separate extensions, voicemail features and call transferability, among other things. They even provide for advanced features such as an auto-attendant to answer incoming calls, ACD queues to manage multiple calls simultaneously and conference bridges that allow multiple individuals to talk with each other on the same call. Most hosted voip providers even have or are developing E911 abilities.

And what's more, companies that use a hosted business VoIP product for their business phone system have the added plus of not having to manage of bulky, complex phone equipment! The hosted VoIP provider handles everything- and excellent providers have dedicated and knowledgeable staff members to manage the equipment everyday. By not having a PBX on-site, you can avoid all of the headaches involved in making sure the system is working, and all of the stress when something goes kaput.

Your business can save lots of money by not having to buy a PBX, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars. By subscribing to a hosted business VoIP provider, you will only have to pay a low monthly fee (per user or per features enabled, depending on the VoIP provider) to use the service. The low price of phone calls also contribute to the overall savings. VoIP is incredibly less expensive than traditional telephone calls, essentially due to the fact that VoIP calls use your company's Internet.

VoIP is well equipped to handle business communications. From the features offered, to the great savings possibilities, a hosted PBX solution is very attractive for any small to medium-sized company. You trust your high-speed data connection to take care of your Internet needs, why not trust it to take care of your voice communications also? The only thing you have to lose is the extra equipment!

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