Can Bowie knives be used as hunting knives?

By: thomas.white

Before I tell you what Bowie knives are you should know what hunting knives are. Many people believe that a hunting knife can be used for hunting down animals. But in reality these knives are more used when the hunt is over, i.e. the game has been killed. A hunting knife is used in preparing a game for food. This would include skinning the dead animal and cutting the meat. However, there are some more tasks that can be accomplished by these knives that I have discussed below.

Now let us get to know what Bowie knives are. It is a fighting knife with a fixed blade. The first such knife was created by James Black but he is not the person that made this knife so famous. This knife got its fame after the Sandbar Fight where Colonel James Bowie fought a duel and won. This happened in the early 19th century and since then the Bowie knife has been famous. A Bowie knife may be of different types but traditionally it has a large blade with a crossguard and a clip point.

What are the uses of Bowie knives? Well, there are places in the world where everyone carries this knife on their person. They do an incredible number of things with these knives. These knives can be used as throwing knives. This means they can be used for killing animals. But they can also be used as very effective hunting knives. This means they can be used for skinning animals and cutting their meat so that it can be cooked.

As far as hunting knives are concerned they can be of different types too because they can then be used for preparing a game. For example, you find these knives where the blade is partially curved and partially straight. How does this help? The curved part is used in skinning the animal and the straight part is used for cutting the meat. However, most of these knives are slightly curved. Among other variations you find knives that have guthooks. Some of these knives also have rounded points so that the skin remains intact when it is being removed. As far as Bowie knives are concerned they can do all these things.

Knives are extremely handy when it comes to survival and both Bowie knives and hunting knives can be very handy in this respect. While both these knives take care of preparing food for your dinner they can also be used camp knives. This means you can use them to clear a part of a wood or make holes in the ground to pitch tents. They can also be used for cutting wood that can be used for lighting a fire. And of course, you feel much safer when you have one such knife on you.

So Bowie knives can act as hunting knives. There is one great benefit of these knives they can make great collections for decorating your home. Online stores offer many such attractive knives to buy.

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Bowie knives can be used as hunting knives and they can be put to other uses too.

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