Can Article Distribution Software Improve Your Sales?

By: Pat Plank

If you market anything, and I mean ANYTHING on the Internet these days, you're probably not using just one or two methods to do so. In fact there are many different methods you can use, some with fast results (such as pay per click) and others with slower more long lasting results (blog posting for instance). But, one of the best methods for long term, brand building, effective marketing is the use of articles. But if you've ever done it, submitting to article distribution sites can be very time consuming. But can article distribution software really help?
The answer generally is: it depends. If you're looking to mass submit to hundreds of sites, regardless of whether or not they even have the category you're after, then article distribution software will aid you in getting banned for spamming. But, if you carefully pick and choose which sites to submit to based on your article and then do it over a few days, you will find that the article distribution will shave a lot of time off of your submission process as well as help in getting your message "out there."
If you've decided that article software is the way to go, you certainly don't lack for choice. From web enabled solutions, membership sites to very expensive per month software all the way down to free, you've got your work cut out for you when picking your tools. So, what should you look for?
First off, check out various marketing forums to see what others may recommend. By doing this you will have at least some notion of what may suit your particular needs. The importance of taking what people say with a grain of salt should not be underestimated here either as sometimes if a person takes issue with the company behind the software, his or her opinion may not actually reflect whether or not the particular article distribution software is actually good or effective.
Another thing you should do when researching is to see if you can get a demo of the software. Some companies will grant you a review copy or have a time limited demo to try. This is one of the best ways to see if the article distribution software fits your particular working style.
One thing that should not be overlooked during this process is how well you can communicate with the company in question. Do they respond promptly to questions? Or do they take days to answer back? Even if the article distribution software is a free product, you would want to make sure you can get support if something goes wrong or you have a question.
Once you've resolved as to which software you will use what then? As with anything online, it is a tool and won't magically create killer profits for you overnight. The best thing to do here is to create a plan of action. If your software supports multiple profiles, you could split up the directories into say 5 per day. That way you will be consistently submitting your quality (and this is key) work over a period of days to different article distribution sites. In doing so you will have laser targeted traffic ready to buy your offer. The key here is to be persistently consistent, remembering that to get the full benefit out of your article distribution software, you must use it daily and with your plan.

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