Can A Girl Get Pregnant From Precum?

By: Aliceson Patina

If the girl is experiencing her period, then her chances of getting pregnant from percum is slim. But if she has inconsistent cycles or light spotting, then her chances of giving birth are higher.

The reason being the girl will not be able to determine when her period has ended and may already have an egg prepared for fertilization at the period when she anticipated to be menstruating.

Menstruation indicates that an unfertilized egg has been freed from the uterus. Her fertility cycle commences with the egg moving from the ovary and down the fallopian tubes where a lining of blood and mucus consolidates within the uterus, waiting to keep the mature egg.

The mature egg leaves the fallopian tubes and residues within the mucus lining. If the egg is unfertilized, then the egg and mucus will depart from the body. This is what I defined as menstruation process.

Typically a cycle can last up to 28 days. Occasionally most girls have a 24 day or irregular cycles and cannot be tracked in the conventional way.

Likewise if you have similiar problems, you should consult with your doctor just to ensure you menstruation health is optimized.

The most fertile stage of cycle for a woman is usually about halfway from the final day of your period to the beginning of your next one.

During this moment, the girl is prepared to get pregnant as the mucus transforms into a thin material for the sperm to penetrate and go into the fallopian tubes.

The matured egg will then reside within the uterus before being cushioned by the mucus and blood.

Getting pregnant during menstruation will normally take place because the girl has miscalculated her cycle. This is specially the case when the girl experiences irregular periods or is still menstruating much longer than normal.

This is due to the release of the egg at the beginning of menstruation. However the cycle of releasing another egg has just started to enter the fallopian tubes.

Another alternative for the girl to be pregnant during menstruation could be due to the girl's total well being. Some of them got stressed out and ended up missing their period or experience periods without any egg released.

These reasons will boost their chances of getting pregnant should sex took place without condoms. Even with condoms, their chances of becoming pregnant is entirely plausible.

Truth be told, there are no assurances of protection but by keeping track of your cycle, utilizing protection and consulting with your doctor in regards to your cycle, these techniques will help to prevent all undesireable pregnancies.

Henceforth, if the girl decides not to give birth for whatever reason, then it is advisable not to depend entirely on her cycle since all girls has a different cycle. Moreover, her biology is based on life events.

That will also mean that her annual cycle operate like clockwork. However in the following year, her cycle will be not be that regular. Utilizing contraceptive methods will boost the chances of not falling pregnant.

However, I cannot guarantee you that all these methods are fail-proof. You might want to consult your doctor or healthcare professionals to decide what is best for you. This is sufficient to cause fertilization of the ovary and subsequently pregnancy.

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