Can A Celebrity's Marriage Be Successful?

By: Robert Thomson

Did you know that Madonna and Guy Ritchie are getting divorced? It would be hard to miss this startling revelation screaming out at us in every tabloid, or semi-tabloid publication in the world. This story is being amply displayed in grocery stores, promising exciting revelations on just how screwed up their relationship was.

The original statement announcing their divorce was unintentionally amusing. Madonna's spokespeople asked the media to respect her privacy. Yeah, right. It's like throwing a juicy piece of meat into a kennel of dogs and asking them to ignore it. Celebrities of Madonna's caliber don't get to shut out the media when they're going through a rough patch.

It's sad to admit, though, that we actually like watching these high profile splits. We like watching drama ensue. We like watching high people fall from grace. We enjoy witnessing celebrities' hard and difficult moments.

But it's also a revelation to a mystery. We've often wondered just what the Madonna/Ritchie home life must be like. It's hard to imagine anyone having a healthy relationship with a pop star, and the truth has finally been revealed--it's impossible.

We look at celebrities with a sense of envy and desire. They're rich. They're famous. They're powerful. Who wouldn't want their glorious lives?

But we also secretly hope for their destruction. Maybe, part of it is jealousy, but I think there's a sense that what they have cannot possibly be real. So when we see their lives fall apart, our lives become validated.

Madonna portrays herself as an ideal. She's a sex symbol, a mother, an artist, an actress, and an extremely successful businessperson. On top of all of that, she'd like to be thought of as a spiritually strong person, exemplified in her latest interest in Kabbalah.

In they end, all of that celebrity glitz doesn't mean anything. And we enjoy seeing this jolt of reality play out before us.

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