Callaway Irons

By: Jaz Nusrat

Callaway Irons

Sometimes you want a reason for purchasing a set of golf irons that goes beyond the technicalities, beyond the pro shop, beyond the fitting centre…ever romanticised over what it must be like to be not just winning a major, but winning your second major, or your third? Ever romanticised over what it would be like to be Ernie Els for the day, or Gary Player, or Phil Mickelson? It’s our hearts that help us choose a set of golf clubs sometimes, not our heads, and when you’re visualising yourself playing that shot to seal another major, just like Phil, or Gary, or Ernie, you’re visualising yourself with a Callaway iron in your hand.

Callaway is doubtless the best manufacturer when it comes to producing irons that are easy to play with. There aren’t many irons that you can take out of the bag and feel comfortable with straight away, but Callaway Irons certainly afford you the ability to be able to do this. Most people making the shift from another brand of iron to Callaway report a marked improvement in numerous facets of their game including distance, ball-flight and, most importantly, accuracy. Since introducing the innovative and unparalleled X-series irons in 1998, Callaway has brought out no less than seven updates of the X-series, each revision offering slight improvement across the board.

The newest ‘X’ offering from Callaway is the Calloway RAZR X set of irons, a standard set of which consists of six separate clubs, with the option of choosing 5-iron through to pitching wedge or 6-iron through to sand wedge. Additional clubs can be purchased as extras, including 3 and 4-irons, a gap-wedge, a sand-wedge, and a lob wedge, priced at around £60.00 apiece. There is also the option of mixing your set up with some RAZR X hybrids, which is the smart option for anyone who struggles when it comes to using longer irons. The only downside to bulking up your set with the hybrids is that each one will set you back approximately £120.00. For a standard set of Callaway RAZR X irons, new, you can expect to pay anything from £350-£500, so make sure you shop around.

There is also a host of alternative RAZR X irons, offering various alterations to the standard RAZR X club: the aim being to cater for as diverse a selection of golfing techniques and preferences as possible. Here is a rundown of what each RAZR X variant offers, specifically, as an alternative to Callaway’s standard RAZR X irons:

RAZR XF Irons – this is a forged iron (generally aimed at better golfers), designed for higher handicappers. The forged construction of the club gives the user a sense of feel that is usually eliminated by the forgiveness provided by a cavity-backed club (such as the RAZR X/RAZR X Tour). Expect to pay around £1100.00.

RAZR X Tour Irons – similar to the standard RAZR X but with a smaller, sleeker club-head, like those used by professional tour golfers. The RAZR X Tour irons are more difficult to get to grips with than the standard RAZR X irons, but offer the superior workability that everyone desires as they improve beyond working the ball accidentally à la hook or slice. Expect to pay around £500.00.

RAZR X Forged Irons – these are the ones that the big boys at the Callaway stable will be given to play with. Great for Els or Mickelson, not so great for your mid/high handicapper. These forged irons, as it says on Callaway’s website, are for ‘elite golfers.’ If you think you’re good enough, expect to pay around £500.00.

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Callaway Irons

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