California Water Legislation Is a Tough Call

By: Daniel Stouffer

Water is a precious commodity and its management is something that we must all take very seriously indeed. While we know that new laws are required, it is not always easy to reach a compromise and California water legislation is a case in hand. Corporate chiefs are looking with interest at what is happening in Sacramento as the issue of water management is squarely at the top of the list as a business seeks sustainability.
The United States as a whole has often looked to its most populous state when it comes to changes in the way that we address water management. Numerous attempts have been made to pass water legislation in California, as that state's booming population growth and subtle changes in climate have forced engagement. However, in May of 2009 the most far-reaching effort yet was forced to stall.
Politicians in Sacramento seek to pass legislation as part of a sweeping reform of overall water policy. Such reform was not without cost, of course as it is estimated that $12 billion would be required to service the projects. In recessionary times and in a state faced by crippling budgetary shortfalls, these economic details were part of the overall problem.
Failing efforts to pass California water legislation point to an overall problem within the country as increasing production and a higher demand combine with projections of climate change to paint a grim picture. As the problem of climate change itself becomes more acute and moves further within the crosshairs of society, organizations find themselves under considerable pressure to justify both their energy usage and their resource usage.
Water management is a significant issue as it is very complex. Many different interests throughout society need to have their input, including businessmen, scientists, economists, politicians, environmentalists and consumers. The Sierra Club was one of the main objectors when it came to legislation, especially insofar as it would affect the delicate ecosystems of that part of the state.
We cannot continue with the status quo and it is clear that California water legislation must be passed, even if it affects somewhat sensitive environmental issues locally. This state has often been forward thinking and legislation introduced there has often been adopted by the Environmental Protection Agency and others for use nationwide.
Water management is an essential part of an organization's drive for sustainability. We can see that society will not tolerate waste at any level anymore and this is especially true for this commodity. Each organization has to address its entire function and ensure that not a drop is wasted.
If predictions are correct, it seems that global climate change caused in large part by greenhouse gas emissions will have a net effect of raising the earth's temperature. In spite of increasing efforts to reverse this trend, it is likely that changes in weather patterns and altered rainfall rates will in turn spur a far more critical analysis of all water consumption and use habits.

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