California Sales and Use Tax Violations

By: Beck Phillips

Business owners in California are familiar with the California sales and use tax laws that govern over their business. These laws and regulations are often difficult to interpret and they change quite frequently. Many of these businesses have trouble understanding these laws and regulations and find out that they are in violation when the state tax collector contacts them. Business owners must make sure that they obey all of these laws and regulations.
California businesses are required to adhere to the California sales and use tax laws. These laws and regulations are mandated by the California State Board of Equalization. Many business owners complain that they have difficulty in interpreting these ambiguous laws and regulations. Unfortunately though, ignorance of a law is not a legitimate defense when it comes to tax evasion.
If your business has been audited for violation of the California sales and use tax, the smartest step that you can take would be to hire a professional tax attorney. Your attorney will guarantee that your business is being treated in a fair manner.
IRS auditing can also be aggressive and overwhelming. An attorney will protect you and your business from being unfairly treated. The IRS auditing agents will come into your business demanding compliance and wanting to look at all of your paperwork and accounting.
The most important thing that you can do as a business owner to protect yourself from IRS auditing and violating state tax laws is to maintain comprehensive records. Make sure that all of your accounting and paper work are in order. If you are audited, you will want to be prepared to defend your business.
You will need the defense of a tax attorney to help you through your audit. They can deal with the auditors and represent your business.
The audit will end once your business produces all of the financial paperwork that is requested as long as the findings are in your favor.
If you have not been audited yet but are concerned about your business being in compliance with the sales and use tax laws, call out a tax attorney that is familiar with the laws and have them look over your books and financial records. They can point out any areas that may cause you problems in the future and you can correct them before it is too late.

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