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Cake making and decorating is a wonderful hobby. If you are serious about it, you can also begin practicing the art professionally and earn a steady income. However, before you can become a professional, you need to learn the art and equip yourself with the basic cake decorating supplies. You can learn cake decoration from an institute close to your home. Online cake decoration classes are also available for your convenience. Once you acquire the necessary skills, it is time to go shopping and get the basic decorating supplies. Given here are a few things that should be part of your kit.

Rolling pins

Rolling pins are used to create textures on the cake. If you want a smooth surface, you can get a rolling pin with a smooth and not textured. A rolling pin is a long rod, around 20 inches in length. It is rolled on to the iced cake to smooth the icing or make textures. There are a huge number of designs available in rolling pins.

Pastry bags

Pastry bags are bags made out of silicone, plastic, polyester, polyurethane nylon or other materials. They have a hole at the tip. So, when you fill icing in the bag and squeeze it, the icing comes out of the hole and you can use it to create different patterns on the cake. When you buy a pastry bag, you need to pay special attention to its material and ensure that it is resistant to staining. The bag should not absorb flavors or rip apart. The size of the most commonly used pastry bags ranges from 10 inches to 16 inches.


Next, you need a set of tips that you can fit into the opening of plastic bags. You can buy a whole set of tips so that you can make different variations on cakes. The basic tip set includes different sizes of round tips, open and closed star tips, petal tips, leaf tips, drop flower tips and others. You can choose the tips you want and make your own set. Make sure that you choose tips of different sizes.


A spatula is used to smooth the surface of the cake. It is essentially a palette knife with a thin edge that can be used to remove undulations on the surface. For ease and convenience, equip your decorating kit with an 8 inch spatula and a 6 inch spatula. Also get one straight spatula and one offset spatula.

Pastry brushes

Pastry brushes are used to accessorize cakes. Using these brushes, you can apply decorative dust, luster powder and gel colors to the fondant used on the cake. These brushes are also great tools to apply gel colors on sugar flowers. Pastry brushes are available in different sizes. The small ones can be used to apply colors and dust while the larger ones can be used to sprinkle nut or bread crumbles.

Besides these supplies, you need a set of gel food colors. These are thicker in consistency than the usual food colors. You also need luster dust, serrated knife, coupler, gum paste cutters, flower nails, fondant mats and others depending on your decorating style and patterns.

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Cake making and decorating is a wonderful hobby, given the right tools and training, one can make a cake which is not only delicious but beautiful also. Learn fondant icing and other techniques at Sugar Tree, a company which provides comprehensive training for cake decorating, by visiting this website.

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