Cake Decorating Ideas – 5 Simple Ways to Create Lovely Cakes

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A beautifully decorative cake always makes people sigh with pleasure because it is such a lovely piece of art. Anybody who is creative can decorate a cake. However, in order to make a professional looking cake, you need to train yourself in cake making and decorating. Given here are six simple ways to start your cake making hobby.

Before you begin decorating a cake, you need to ensure that the surface is perfectly smooth. An uneven surface ruins the look of the cake. You can use pastry spatula and a roller pin to make a smooth surface. If you want a textured surface, simply roll a textured roller pin on the surface.

Polka dot cake

Polka dots never go out of style. They look trendy as well as classic. Making polka decoration is very easy. Begin by smoothing the surface. Do not make a texture if you want a pure polka decoration. After you have a smooth surface, use a pastry bag with round tip and squeeze dots on the surface. Dot the surface in a specific pattern so that the dots don't end up looking disorganized.

Make an icing rose

Have you seen those cute little button roses adorning cakes? Usually, these decorations are used for wedding and engagement cakes. You can make them too. Begin by making icing of the right color and consistency. Once done, creating a flower is pretty easy. However, do not attempt to make one directly on the cake. Create the shape on a butter paper and gently slide it on the cake. To make the center bud, attach a round tip to the pastry bag and squeeze out the desired size. Next, attach the petal tip to the bag and slowly begin squeezing out petal shaped icing. To get the real rose look, overlap the petals slightly. To add drama, make multicolored roses and arrange them in bunches on the cake.

Create patterns with stencils

Use of stencils is the easiest way of creating attractive patterns on cakes. Make cut outs on butter paper in any shape of your choice. Place the stencil on the cake and use a pastry brush to sprinkle luster dust or any other material on the cake. After sprinkling a uniform layer, carefully lift the stencil straight up so that the icing is not damaged. You can get creative and use different colors and materials to sprinkle on the cake.

Try readymade cake toppers

If you are in a hurry and cannot spare time for handmade decorations, you can always buy some readymade cake toppers. To add more detail, use a textured rolling pin to create a nice texture on the cake. There is an astounding variety of cake topping materials available in the market.

Get real flowers

Use fresh roses to decorate your cake. You can arrange fresh flowers in a bunch like arrangement on the cake. To decorate the sides and other parts of the cake, either arrange individual petals or shred petals and sprinkle them in a nice pattern. Create the base icing in a contrasting color.

In addition to these ways, you can use chocolate and candies to create lovely cakes. Fruits such as strawberries and blueberries are also excellent decorative materials. So, put your creative wheels in motion and come up with some amazing looking cakes.

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