CO Food Jobs & Employment: Become a Food Critic and Have the Food Lover's Dream Job

By: Luke Peterson

Unless you're an aspiring chef or culinary connoisseur, you might balk at the idea of "food jobs." However, as the food industry's consciousness slowly shifts to a greater focus on Eco-friendly, local living and eating, more and more "good food jobs" have appeared in Colorado.

One of the many food jobs in Colorado is being a food critic. Imagine being paid to eat a fabulous meal at one of the world's finest restaurants, and all you have to do in return is give your opinion about it. In this fab job, you can combine your love of food and writing to earn a living... or as much as a six figure annual income!

New opportunities for food critics are opening up every day. If you have a passion for food and a talent for writing, you can then have a job as a food critic. No special education or experience is necessary. Introducing new restaurants and dishes to the public is a demanding, competitive, and rewarding job. If you enjoy tasting a wide variety of food, wines and love to write.

Use the following steps to pursue a career as a food critic.

1. Develop fantastic writing skills as a newspaper reporter. You can have the most discriminating palate in the world, but you'll never make it as a food critic if you can't communicate well.

2. Familiarize the restaurant business. You should know how things operate behind the scenes, at the very least. Owning or co-owning a restaurant in Denver, CO is a very practical and helpful in a job as a food critic. Or better yet you can work in restaurants and study how they work from top to bottom. Educate yourself.

3. Test the limits of your palate. For you to be a food critic, you must have an incredible and adventurous palate. Training your palate is like exercising your muscle. You need to be able to detect the subtle nuances of flavor and seasoning in food.

4. Be an expert in food. Having a job as food critic your goal should be to become a first-class connoisseur of cuisine. Food should become your life! Read cookbooks by master chefs not just from Denver, CO but from all around the world. Study the art of cooking by taking cooking classes non-stop. Make it your goal to attain a “chef” level in cooking.

5. Write reviews. Get some experience writing basic reviews of restaurants in your neighborhood. Then, try the following restaurant review method. When you go to a new restaurant, go with three friends perhaps Ask everyone to order something different (including appetizers and dessert) and take two bits of every dish, including your own and be sure to bring someone who can fill you in on certain type of cuisine. Example, if you’ll be having ethnic food, bringing someone who grew up in that region would be a big plus. Do not take notes at the restaurant. Wait until you get home, in the car or even the bathroom. You don't want to tip the restaurant off that you're a reviewer.

Enjoy the fact that you will spend hours poring over menus from all over CO not as a customer but as your food job and employment; food is one way to become more familiar with other cultures. All food critics are food writers, but not all food writers are food critics. Remember that your job as a food critic is to scrutinize food and help the readers know if they'll enjoy it or not. If you give an inaccurate impression of the food, people will be dissatisfied with your work.

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Luke Peterson is a career consultant by profession and a freelance writer. He writes articles on different subjects relating to human resource management and career building. In the given article, he highlights various aspects of food jobs in Colorado

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