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By: Fani Dakar

Since the debut of the traveling antique shows on television, a lot of people have turned to buying and selling antiques. Some do it as a hobby, while others work at making it a business. The market fluctuates, making one item more popular than another at various times. If you're thinking about trying your hand at this, it's important to study the market and learn how to make it profitable for you.

Finding something unique is a good way to establish yourself as a buyer and seller of an antique item that is out of the mainstream. When you find an item or series of items that are relatively easy for you to obtain you will want to make this item work in your favor by becoming as knowledgeable as possible about everything about the antique as you can.

Antiques certainly do experience trends in popularity, just like any other item. Current trends involve a huge popularity among items found primarily in New England states. These items, hand crafted from 1790 to 1860, draw on the influences of the Anglo culture. Items such as blanket chests, highboys, hutch tables and pewter cupboards, offer a glimpse of times past. If you happen to stumble across any of these New England items, you are sure to be able to find buyers. Of course, you may be so impressed with the beauty of these items that you'd like to keep them for your own home.

Other antique items that are gaining popularity come from the state of Texas. Many Texas antiques have a German influence that can be seen in the craftsmanship. The time period for these antiques is from 1870 to 1900 and includes such items as rawhide chairs, tables, and wardrobes. Most of these antique items can be identified by their tapered legs and by the use of wood from Texas that is known as heart pine. If you are unsure if one of these Texas items is actually an antique or not is by checking the dovetailing that you can find on the corners of the drawers. If the dovetailing is uniform and looks too perfect then more than likely the item isnít an antique. Dovetailing in antiques looks rough, irregular, and handmade.

To be successful in the antiques business, you have to establishing an inventory of the items that are both highly desirable and within your abilities to easily procure. You want to have the items on hand that collectors are searching for, so that you become known as the great source, offering reliability and ease when adding to a collection.

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