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I Afton Oaks is one of the most calm and refined neighborhood which is located south of memorial park, west of River Oaks, east of the Galleria and north of Highway 59. t comprises 400 ranch-style homes, though there are a few with new construction as well. One of the biggest advantages of staying at Afton Homes is its prime location. It’s proximity to the Galleria area and downtown makes it ideal for families wanting to be near both work and entertainment options. Afton Homes have also been selected as a part of “Neighborhoods to Standard" four-year renovation program due to their active civics club. This program was responsible for new street installation, new curbs, and storm sewers as and when required. They also helped prevent the construction of a Metro rail route on Richmond a few years ago.

Many of the Afton homes are being replaced with larger homes to cater to the needs of those wanting them. Most of the original homes offer 3 bedrooms and two and a half baths which totals to about 22, 00 feet on an 8000 square foot lotPlz verify the content. 22, 00 feet particularly! The homes are traditional in design with great features like hardwood floors and built-ins. The cost ranges between $200,000 for properties located near major thoroughfares to over $600,000 for the updated and new construction on interior lots.

Afton homes rate high on almost all the parameters for selecting homes. They have a brilliant location from both work and fun perspective. They have great maintenance and are upgraded. They also have great sized homes which are affordable given the budget that they come in. Homes are not easy to come by, especially if you have a specific location or other numerological considerations in mind. But if you sign up with a real estate consultant, they will be more than able to help you find your dream homes. While there is a fee involved, it is more than worth it, given the choice that you get. Also, without a third-party support you may end up not negotiating a good price which will work out more expensive in the long run. Consultants also help point out any need for repair work and get that done before you buy making the deal even more cost efficient for you in the long run.

Buying a home is one of the most important decisions that a person takes during the course of his lifetime. For many, it is their sole dream. A dream for which they often overstretch their resources! It is a safe haven when they come from work where they relax, party, and call friends and family. It is important to know what you want and not get carried away by any one factor, since it is a decision that you will have to live with. Location, resale value, upkeep, accessibility to schools, places of entertainment, etc. are all important considerations to note. Of course, the priority varies depending on a person’s unique life circumstances. Before you decide or pay the deposit, come and have a look at Afton Homes. These homes have almost everything that a person would want in their home. Finding out vacancies is not easy given the demand so be sure to search for a good consultant on the Internet who can help you. Real Estate Consultants also are a great help in renting or disposing of one’s earlier property and of course managing the shift between the two homes.

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