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By: Emily Bakers

When you are in the market to buy a house, or perhaps sell the one you presently have, you have two main directions you can take. The first for those selling, and to some of those the most appealing, is to self-list the property - effectively cutting out the "middle man" and sell the property on their own. The second, and most effective in most cases, is utilizing the services of a good realtor. While there are advantages and disadvantages to both directions, the advantages of using a realtor generally far outweigh those points against them.

real estate agents in Winnipeg, successful ones at any rate, are by nature workaholics. The amount of time and effort that goes into the buying and selling of real estate is enormous - much greater than anyone not in the business would realize. If you have hired a realtor to assist you, it is guaranteed you would never know the sheer level of effort involved - that alone is a huge mark in favor of letting them do what they do best. On average, a real estate agent will put in about nine hours of work for every hour you spend with them. That's nine hours working diligently behind the scenes on your behalf. Just think about if you were to have to put in all that time by yourself along with your own job and family responsibilities - the average individual would be quickly overwhelmed.

Some of the things they do in that unseen time might surprise you. Of course you know that they do the paperwork - reams of paperwork writing up offers and counter-offers for the properties they are handling. And you probably know that they travel around quite a bit looking at physical properties and the features each holds for prospective buyers and sellers alike. But another way they use their time is networking - something commonly called "pitch sessions". In this activity, they are meeting with other real estate agents in coffee shops or cafes where they all talk up their listings - trading information in hopes of sparking interest in their colleagues about a home they have listed, or hearing from another the features of their properties to determine if one might meet all the requirements of a buying client.

They spend time looking at realty listing databases online so they don't miss out on the right opportunity when it becomes available, and some properties go fast, so they have to be attentive to this task. When your agent finds a good prospect, they will be available for inspections that are required to protect their client's interests. They keep things running as smoothly as possible for you and hold your hand when things aren't so smooth, as well.

In and around Winnipeg, there are many properties listings for both buyers and sellers. Instead of trying to wing it on your own, do the smart thing and contract with a hard-working and attentive realtor such as Andy's Realty, the leading Winnipeg real estate agents. Let them do the work - you can just enjoy the results.

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