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By: Gen Wright

Testosterone was the first steroid that was artificially created. To this day, it is the basis of all the steroid production. Now steroids are simply natural hormones which have the capacity to build body mass. Today they are also largely associated with performance enhancement and higher energy levels. Though both of such parameters are debatable and do come with a lot of side effects and after effects.

If you are looking to buy steroids, you must first understand few things about it.

The social connection:

Today the world is getting increasingly focused on competition. Such desire to compete or succeed introduces the will to use these performance enhancers. People often get addicted to it. In a short run it holds them high. Because the muscle mass increases automatically and there are a whole lot of pep in the body, the athletes begin to feel that they will always have a field day. Athletes regularly buy androstendione. This is the one that helps them most though even these create very poor withdrawal symptoms.

Perils associated

If you are looking to buy steroids you might first understand that it can be extremely harmful if done without a doctor’s prescription or a trainers’ recommendation. Today, the first peril associated with buying steroids is illegal purchase. Steroids have become a huge industry and this is why even mafia has started peddling it the wrong way. So first you must remember only to buy it over the counter.

Secondly, steroids, when taken for an extended period can cause great metabolic reversals. They are known to bring impotence. This means that they take away the capacity of reproductive behavior from male sex hormones and reproductive organs. Next, it causes lipid abnormalities that may result in negative cardiac build-up. Buying steroids the wrong way, or its over-consumption, or its extended consumption may also introduce cancerous malignancy to the cell. Apart form this; there are always the chances of depression if a particular lobe in the brain gets affected.


Steroids are addictive. People having steroid misbalance can be treated with behavioral therapy to reduce withdrawal symptoms. Moreover, they can also be administered drugs that can help bring the hormone balance back to the body.

When you look to buy steroids, make sure that you do it over the counter ands also that you have adequate prescriptions for doing so.

Many pro body builders are now turning to alternatives to steroids. These legal steroids are 100% safe and legal to use in the USA. With the high cost of steroids and not to mention the negative side effects its highly recommended that people use legal steroid supplementation to achieve their desired results.

Legal steroids can be purchased online these days at affordable prices. They can range from 70-110 dollars per bottle. Many sites are offering legal steroids these days because its becoming more popular and the effects are great.

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