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By: Rick Lim

Are you one of the people who want to buy Guitar Hero 3 xbox 360? Well, you are not alone because Guitar Hero 3 is the fourth installment in this series of the game. Before we elaborate on the review of the game, know that it might be referred to as the third but the 80s edition was the actual third game.

It is not considered to be the third installment because it only came out on PS 2. Whereas Guitar Hero 3 is available on wii and X Box 360.

A lot of gamers buy Guitar Hero 3 xbox 360 because they like the fact that the game still has the same formula as that of the previous installments. At the same time, it has new features. One of the best added features in this fourth installment is that it can be played online.

With that, the gamer can now face off and even do co-op with another gamer who is online.

If you buy Guitar Hero 3 xbox 360, you will notice that the battle mode has a couple of tweaks from the normal face-off modes in the earlier installments. Before, one gains star power. Here, one gets certain sequences of notes.

When it is now the gamer's turn to strum the guitar, he can use this to launch attacks at the opponent. The attacks vary. For competitive players, this is awesome.

Another feature that is available when you buy Guitar Hero 3 xbox 360 is that there is the co-op career mode. Unfortunately, this particular mode cannot be played online. You must have a friend over at your place and with his guitar in order to experience this.

However, one can still do co-op on a live network. Just not the co-op career mode.

Gamers love the new wireless Gibson Les Paul style guitar that can be ordered if they buy Guitar Hero 3 xBox 360. Instead of the original 360 GH2 controller, they can use this instead. It gives them a more solid feel especially the bar.

Since this is not wired to the unit, there is a big difference in the gaming experience and it is also very convenient. There are GH3 bundles that are available along with the original GH2 controller. It is recommended that true blue gamers of Guitar Hero get the Gibson Les Paul style guitar instead.

The career mode is pretty much the same as that of the previous installments. There are little animated segments in between sets but they don't add much to the gaming experience, especially if the gamer has all installments in his collection.

But this is definitely a good change from the road trip on a bus which drives across the country.

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