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By: Rick Lim

If you have kids, then you are most probably familiarized with the latest high tech video gaming systems available on the market. Or you just know them by name. There were even times when the children have bugged you about buying them one of those.

You may have heard a lot of requests to buy a Nintendo Wii or an X Box 360. They could have also asked for a PlayStation 3. There is no problem if at first you didnīt understand what those are all about.

This article will help you get more information about the gaming systems and will help you understand the gaming system called PlayStation 3.

What is PlayStation 3

This gaming system was launched in Japan, in November 2006. Few days after that it was also available in stores in North America. Now the system is available all over the world. You should also know that since it was first released, the model suffered some revisions.

Today, PlayStation 3īs competitors are X Box 360 and Nintendo Wii. One of the main features of this video gaming system is that it can also be used as an online gaming system.

Besides this, the PlayStation console has some great multimedia capabilities. This means you can use the console as a great high definition DVD player and also as Blu-Ray DVD player.

The PlayStation can easily connect to other PlayStations and even the ones that are portable. Moreover, on its large hard drive it can store a large amount of information.

Reasons for which you should buy it

PlayStation 3 gaming console has a few good reasons for which you should buy it. First of all, PlayStation was actually the first high tech gaming console on the market. Even before Nintendo released theirs, PlayStation was well advanced in producing the games that consumers wanted.

In addition, the price for PlayStation 3 is great. Also, the games for PlayStation 1 and 2 games can be used in the PlayStation 3 console, and this is impossible for the new and updated X Box 360.

Besides all this, PlayStation 3 has a great price which makes it the most affordable gaming system. The console has a good price and so have the games.

This means that before making the final decision on which game console to buy, take a look at PlayStation 3.

The local gaming stores have a lot of information on the subject and so do stores like Target and Wal Mart. You can find more information on the official PlayStation online website too.

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